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The online marketing changes rapidly these days. Today consumers are influenced by other consumer’s reviews; are persuaded by pictures, over and above old school advertising, and are marketed to through user-generated content.

Creating a great product is important, but not enough. You have to build trust and instill credibility into your brand to make it stand out of the crowd. And there’s a great new tool for this named Yotpo – an advanced online reputation management tool to boost your customer engagement stats, traffic and conversions.


Capture Organic Reviews From Your Customers

Here’s the deal – reputation is now purchasable. Shining product reviews can be bought in bulk and today, 5-star consumer opinions are big business. As we speak Amazon is currently suing various sellers on Fiverr  for the damage done to its once invaluable (and trusted) review system.

And it’s not just positive reviews that are being purchased, either, as websites such as Yelp are awash with purchased negative reviews that have been unscrupulously funded by competitors seeking to destroy their commercial adversary’s online reputation. Yet consumer to consumer advocacy remains one of the most powerful marketing mediums of all – so just how can we overcome this now out of control fakery?

Well, in short, the answer is MAP (mail after purchase) – a method proposed by Yotpo, which sends a review request to the client post purchase. The app will send a review request to your customer at the optimal time after purchase with a one-step review submission form. You can customize all the fields, texts and the logic of review request and add up-sale offers in the bottom.

The result? REAL reviews, not fake ones, gotten from at least 10% of your customers.

Leverage The Power of User Generated-Content

Most buyers check, compare, read and research their product options before forging ahead with a purchase. No eCommerce business can now afford to be without the ‘crowd experience’ within their marketing arsenal – where a buzz should be built around product lines and brands should transform from telling their story.

Yotpo has taken the plunge with user-generated content to not only provide eCommerce owners with the ability to showcase reviews where they want (on social media sites and on other websites), but are complimenting this powerful medium with authentic customer photos. You can use the tools functionality to request product photos from your customers along with their review; curate and moderate them afterwards. It takes only three taps for a customer to upload a pic through the form!

Boost Engagement and Loyalty: Delivered Through Community Management


Yotpo spices up your website with attractive review and star-rating forms. You can also choose to use special badges to accolade active reviewers e.g. “verified buyer”, “verified reviewer” and “merchant” to show that your store features real reviews.

Each review profile has additional info insights to help potential buyers decide which information is the most relevant to them. Additionally, you can add custom top-5 widgets to your store and progress bars to rate specific product features.

To turn shopping experience into a two-way street Yotpo also offers adding custom Q&A area to exchange quick questions with your staff or past buyers and a commenting area to share product opinions. To keep the community active and reward the most active participants you can use the tools functionality to issue special coupons and discounts in just one click.

Improve Your Search Visibility and Rankings

Google is a fickle beast, always chopping and changing its mind as to what is essential for rocketing search engine rankings. However what does look set in stone is the importance of all of the above (such as user generated content, social media sway and consumer engagement). From this solid base Yotpo goes a step further to harness the power of the review feature that Google has recently introduced.

The tools functionality allows you to easily research new keywords, relevant to your product; optimize content and product descriptions around it and improves your Google Ads performance by displaying ratings & reviews. Your reviews quickly get featured and displayed in Google Shopping, thus resulting into higher CTR and more traffic.

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Dianna is a former ESL teacher and World Teach volunteer, currently living in France. She's slightly addicted to apps and viral media trends and helps different companies with product localization and content strategies. You can tweet her at @dilabrien
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