Performance Pro Review

April 23, 2019

12:12 pm

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  • Established: 1989
  • HQ: Livonia, MI, USA
  • Performance and compensation features
  • Customizable goal setting functionality
  • Very affordable pricing options

A performance and compensation management software that provides purpose-driven metrics for your team

Performance Pro is more than a simple performance management software. While most solutions exclusively cater to HR departments in regards to performance and project tracking, Performance Pro goes the extra mile, providing compensation and learning options that help to simplify daily processes, achieve company goals, and motivate your employees.

The core functionality of Performance Pro is rooted in purpose-driven decision-making for your company. Each piece of valuable data, from task completion time to performance success, is measured and organized – so you can see exactly how your company functions, and how you can make it better.

  • Added compensation features for monetized rewards
  • Customizable to match your company needs
  • Less than intuitive interface

What is Performance Pro?

Performance Pro is a performance and compensation management software from HR Performance Solutions. Founded in 1989, HR Performance Solutions has always developed innovative technologies for human resources departments. With 30 years of experience and over 2,000 clients, including UT-Austin and Red Lobster, Performance Pro boasts the longevity and confidence you need from a project management software.

With the added benefit of managing compensation as well, Performance Pro becomes an all-in-one platform for all your employee-specific needs. Between the self-service platform, the thorough reporting, and the monetary capabilities, you'll be able to automate and organize the nitty gritty details of your entire business.

In This Guide:

Performance Pro Features

When it comes to deciding which performance management software to utilize for your growing business, it's all about the features – and Performance Pro has them in spades. Whether you need to track performance or monetize achievement, you'll be able to do so effectively thanks to the wide range of helpful features available on Performance Pro.

Performance Pro Management

Goal Management and Alignment

Odds are, you're looking for performance management software to keep track of what projects your employees are working on, and how well they are accomplishing goals based on those projects. With goal management and alignment from Performance Pro, you'll be able to clearly set standards and monitor progress. The customizability is thorough, which can be a bit confusing for new users, but is invaluable when tracking specific metrics.

Feedback Facilitation

Performance Pro doesn't just let you set goals and monitor progress, though. Thanks to its feedback facilitation features, you'll be able to comment and score project completions along the way. This allows you to recognize greatness, as well as address problems which may arise throughout the process. You can even utilize check-ins and notification reminders to keep employees on track without being too overbearing.

Pay for Performance

This is one of the unique features that makes Performance Pro a compensation management software as well as a performance management software. It allows managers to install merit budget allocation, which utilizes monetary rewards to motivate employees. You'll be able to calculate pay increases based on actionable data, based in turn on preset performance metrics.

Performance Pro Video Overview: Project Management in Action

This video from Performance Pro will give you a better idea of how this innovative software can improve productivity, engage employees, and foster motivation throughout your entire company.

Performance Pro Pricing

Unlike many other performance management software brands, Performance Pro doesn't offer a wide range of pricing plans with features specific to each one. On the contrary, it offers Performance Pro on its own, at approximately $5/employee/month; Compease, its compensation package, is available for approximately $6/employee/month; meanwhile, a combination plan consisting of both Performance Pro and Compease comes to only $7/employee/month.

It's worth noting that these prices are not set in stone, but rather are estimates based on the average company's needs. If you're looking for a more specific quote, you're going to need to contact a HR Performance Solutions representative for all the insider info.

Performance Pro Review Verdict

If you're looking for an extremely customizable performance management software that can incorporate compensation into its platform, Performance Pro is a no-brainer. It's one of the few softwares with monetary compatibility, and offers a hugely customizable platform that can cater to your company's specific goal and performance management needs.

However, if you're looking for an easy to use platform that is intuitive for users and managers alike, it might be better to pass on Performance Pro. With a decidedly complicated customization process and a lot of input factors to consider, it's notably more confusing than simple software like Namely.

Overall though, Performance Pro is a great option if you're looking to monetize your employee motivation efforts, and to customize your performance management system – as long as you're equipped for a bit of extra work.

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