PureVPN vs NordVPN

October 24, 2018

11:40 am

A VPN is an excellent way to ensure that your surfing habits are private, and your data protected. Question is, which do you choose? There are many out there, but we’ve done the testing, and know that PureVPN and NordVPN are two of the best.

With over twenty VPNs tested to date, including free and paid-for software, we know a great VPN when we see one. NordVPN and PureVPN are packed with features, making them powerful, but they’re also simple to use, meaning they aren’t too daunting for new users.

Read on to find out which one is best for you.

PureVPN vs NordVPN: Head-to-Head

Both PureVPN and NordVPN are great ways to protect your identity and your data. PureVPN has an excellent suite of features designed precisely around this, and it can also unlock Netflix in other regions, opening up content intended for subscribers in other territories.

NordVPN is similarly feature-rich and offers fantastic value, with fast speeds and a wide choice of servers making it an equally attractive proposition.

Whichever you pick, you’ll be able to open up the internet and explore it without fear of being tracked or having your activity logged.

Selecting mode using PureVPNPureVPN

Best for: Simplicity

PureVPN is refreshingly easy to use. Getting set up and using the package is straightforward, making it a great choice for new starters.

PureVPN can be used across five devices, meaning you can use it on your desktop PC, your phone (with the associated app), and still use it on three more compatible computers, phones or tablets.

PureVPN can also be used by those looking to access Netflix outside their country, opening up entire new libraries of video content that until now have been unavailable.

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  • Effective privacy and security features
  • Clear notifications
  • Excellent value


  • Not as fast as billed
  • Only unlocks Netflix via browser

NordVPN settingsNordVPN

Best for: Security

NordVPN is one of the best VPN packages we’ve tested. It might be a little too feature-rich for the novice user, but for those who like full control, its versatility will be very appealing.

NordVPN is fast, and can maintain speeds at an impressive rate, beating many of its competitors. There is always some small loss of speed when using a VPN, but with NordVPN, it’s minimal.

A suite of extra security features mean that NordVPN is an excellent choice for those looking to protect their data.

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  • Fast and effective
  • Packed with features
  • Excellent value


  • Not the most intuitive VPN
  • Can’t unblock some streaming services
  • Assumes some technical knowledge

Speed – NordVPN Wins

NordVPN vs PureVPN comparedSpeed can be a tricky thing for a VPN to manage well. When it comes to using a VPN, you’ll always be compromising your speed in some regard, as a VPN has to route your traffic through its own servers. You can mitigate this by choosing servers that are closer to you, and of course having decent speed broadband to begin with, but there will always be some concession to make.

PureVPN maintains good speeds when connecting to local servers, but we found it slowed down by some margin when connecting overseas. NordVPN, however, does an excellent job of keeping your downloads and streaming ticking along at a satisfactory pace.

Features – Draw

Unlike some other VPNs, both NordVPN and PureVPN are fully realized VPN packages that jam in a host of options and features – probably more than you’ll ever conceivably use. Whether you’re a novice or a VPN expert, you’ll be satisfied with what either offers.

PureVPN has some neat tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to use your device as a hotspot for other devices to connect to. It also has a kill switch, which will stop your connection dead if it fails to connect to the VPN server (rather than transferring your traffic back to your own ISP).

NordVPN also offers a kill switch which can be aligned with certain apps or sites, so you can say whether or not it will kick in. NordVPN has a heavy emphasis on security, and offers its users military grade levels of encryption – comforting to know when you’re using a potentially skeevy connection at your local coffee shop.

Both suites are jam-packed with features, and there’s plenty of overlap between the two, so it’s difficult to pull out a winner. We’ll say that if you pick either of them, the overall winner will be you.

PureVPN for NetflixPrivacy – PureVPN Wins

There are two big privacy concerns when using a VPN – is my data being protected, and can I be sure my activity isn’t being logged? The best services answer both questions with a resounding yes, and PureVPN and NordVPN both have your back there.

In our testing, we found that PureVPN had a more comprehensive suite of privacy options compared to NordVPN. Two that stand out are Ozone and Gravity. Ozone is an antivirus, content filtering tools which can block offensive material or named websites, and also boasts an intrusion tool that alerts you when someone is trying to hack your PC.

Gravity is essentially an ad-blocker that stop ads appearing during browsing, and also has the ability to hide results.

Ease of Use – Draw

Good news: If you’re new to VPNs, you’ve picked a good starting point with PureVPN and NordVPN. Both are extremely powerful tools, but don’t confuse their users with reams of options and complicated tools.

PureVPN makes life easier by introducing different modes depending on what you want to use the service for. These are broken down into Internet Freedom, designed to work in countries where sites are censored; Security, which gives extra protection; File Sharing, which is designed for, well, file sharing; Stream, for streaming services such as Netflix; and others. What this means is that casual users can tell PureVPN what they want to do, and it will automatically select the best settings for the job.

NordVPN has excellent beginner guides for its multitude of features, and is happy to hold new starters by the hand. Its apps are also refreshing straightforward to use.

Vedict: PureVPN or NordVPN – Which is Best?

If you’re after a VPN, you won’t go wrong with either PureVPN or NordVPN. In our testing, PureVPN came out on top – what’s more, it’s a little cheaper on a monthly basis, if you take advantage of the special offer.

If you’re a speed buff and need your internet data as quickly as possible – important if you’re a big torrenter for example – then NordVPN has the edge here, thanks to its ability to not slow down too much despite being routed through various servers. It’s also incredibly secure thanks to that military grade encryption.

There are lots of VPNs vying for your business, and some are better than others. PureVPN and NordVPN set the standard for what to expect from a VPN, and for a few bucks a month, either would be an invaluable addition to your online tool bag.

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