startup mixologyThese resources are a companion to Startup Mixology: Tech Cocktail’s Guide to Building, Growing, and Celebrating Startup Success. Startup Mixology explains the ingredients of winning entrepreneurship through the stories of companies like MakerBot, WordPress, Zappos, and Basecamp. You’ll also discover the harsh reality of starting up and how to stay sane and happy with moments of celebration. If you haven’t already, get the book here!




delivering happinessDelivering Happiness: The story of Tony Hsieh’s entrepreneurial career, with a focus on how Zappos has evolved over time to focus on company culture. A funny and honest story, it also contains lessons about choosing what’s important in life and finding happiness.




startup ceoStartup CEO: Matt Blumberg has written an instructional manual for being a CEO, which covers the broad topics of storytelling, team building, execution, boards of directors, and managing yourself. He shares lots of his own tips, tricks, and processes, and explains how your role changes as the company grows.




year without pantsThe Year without Pants: and the Future of Work: Scott Berkun, a business writer with expertise in management, decided to put his theories to the test by working at Automattic (the company behind WordPress) for almost two years. Automattic is known for not using email, having an open vacation policy, and working remotely. In this book, Berkun uncovers the secrets of Automattic’s freewheeling culture, while teaching Automattic (and the reader) how to optimize team dynamics, leadership, and vision in such an environment.



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