startup mixologyThese resources are a companion to Startup Mixology: Tech Cocktail’s Guide to Building, Growing, and Celebrating Startup Success. Startup Mixology explains the ingredients of winning entrepreneurship through the stories of companies like MakerBot, WordPress, Zappos, and Basecamp. You’ll also discover the harsh reality of starting up and how to stay sane and happy with moments of celebration. If you haven’t already, get the book here!



Lean Canvas (by Ash Maurya): A business model diagram that documents your initial vision and helps you iterate toward the right vision. A tool that lets you create a customer development survey and figure out your “must-have” feature.
Lean Startup Machine: This organization offers lean startup workshops. You can also download their Validation Board, a poster where you document your hypotheses about the customer, problem, and solution (slightly less comprehensive than the Lean Canvas).
LeanLaunchLab: Software that helps you visualize your business model, track hypotheses, and store customer interviews.
Unassumer: Software where you can document key assumptions, get feedback from customers, and share results with your team.


lean startupThe Lean StartupThis book has essentially become standard reading for anyone wanting to get into the startup community. It’s a primer on Ries’s “lean startup” strategy, applying lean thinking to the process of innovation in startups. Ries encourages startups to start small, and to develop their product through constant learning, testing, measuring, and rapid innovating (a Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop).


running leanRunning Lean: Serves as a practical, how-to guide to applying the lean startup method, written specifically for (although not limited to) software and Internet startups. Maurya goes into actual strategies with which to approach aspects of the lean method, such as specific ways to take your current product or business idea and shape it into the right product/business.




four steps to the epiphanyThe Four Steps to the Epiphany: Blank outlines a step-by-step process (his famous Customer Development process) for how to think about aspects of marketing, sales, business development for a new product or startup, and how startup companies differ from mature and more-established organizations. It’s an important distinction, and this book provides in-depth strategies on how to run your business accordingly.