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LinkedIn Premium: Search for candidates and send InMail to them, even if you’re not connected.

AngelList Candidates: Browse candidates who are interested in startups.

Spark Hire: Interview candidates via recorded and live video interviews.

Ongig: Post job ads with video, social media, and commenting.

Zao: Get more referrals for your company’s jobs by offering rewards to anyone in your network (not just employees).

1-Page: Connects companies with employees through one-page proposals.

Ascendify: A comprehensive platform for recruiting tools, including social, referrals, and analytics.


TINYpulse: An anonymous survey sent to employees weekly asking a question of your choice, like “How likely are you to still be working here in a year?” or “How happy are you at work?”

Niko Niko: A survey tool for tracking your team’s mood, engagement, and satisfaction.

YouEarnedIt: A tool that lets your team give points to fellow employees for good work, which they can spend on rewards.

AnyPerk: Company perks for $5 per employee per month.

Murmur by Culture Amp: An employee survey tool plus analytics and data visualization.

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