Tech.Co Top Stories: Edtech, Elon Musk, Immigration Ban, and Super Bowl 51

February 3, 2017

5:50 pm

In the last week, a lot has happened. From the controversial immigration ban over the weekend to Super Bowl media day, Tech.Co covered a wide range of news stories, innovative tech, and burgeoning startups. And while you may have been too busy to read them all, you’ll always have a friend when it comes to Tech.Co’s top stories, particularly because we list them out for you every single Friday. How easy is that?! Take a look at our top stories below and make sure to check out more every single week!

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Here Are This Week’s Tech.Co Top Stories:

  1. 7 Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked Via Public In-Flight WiFi
  2. Moon Express Chairman: For Entrepreneurs: the Sky Is Not the Limit
  3. 5 Helpful Gadgets For Keeping Track of Your Pets
  4. 13 Elon Musk Quotes That Will Make You Excited for the Future
  5. 16 Business Leaders That Took on Stand on the Immigration Ban
  6. Watch Super Bowl 51 for Free Without Cable
  7. 10 Arizona Edtech Companies Thriving in the Desert
  8. The Farm Incubator Helping Migrants Save Struggling American Farms
  9. Do It Yourself Is the New Slogan for the Next Wave of Tech Startups
  10. The PGA TOUR Is Attracting Millennials to Golf with Innovative Tech

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