Hide Me VPN Review

A beautifully simple VPN, though not the fastest

4 stars

Simplicity over speed

Hide.Me aims to help you ‘take back your freedom’ with a combination of advanced security, absolute privacy and the liberty to enjoy the web without censorship or other limitations. Hide Me largely succeeds in these aspirations, and it has a great range of features. Granted, you'll see slow connection speeds and higher than average prices, so Hide Me isn't among the absolute best VPN services you could choose.

4 stars

Simplicity over speed

Ease of Use

4 stars


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3 stars

Help & Support

3 stars
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  • Easy to set-up
  • Intuitive, well-designed app
  • Decent free plan


  • Slow
  • Not great value


  • Apple
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Edge

What Is Hide Me VPN?

Hide Me claims to be both effective and extremely fast (though we'd disagree with the latter). It has an absolute no logs policy that makes it impossible for the company to pass any details on your activities to anyone, for the simple reason that they don’t keep any.

While this makes it sound like something only spies or corporate whistleblowers should care about, it’s a good option even if you just want a more secure connection while using public WiFi. It sets up an encrypted link between you and the internet through a VPN server in another city, or even another country altogether.

What’s more, it has a free plan available, though this comes with some limitations.

Hide Me VPN: The Good

HideMe LocationsHide Me VPN is simple to set up, and it's perfectly easy to run day-to-day, too. On top of that, it has some useful features for extra security.

Advanced VPN Features

Hide Me is always quick to make the initial VPN connection, and it has some good advanced features, including a killswitch that halts all connections should your VPN connection suddenly go down.

Access to Streaming Services

While it can’t break the tricky region lock on US Netflix, it does a great job of unblocking other Stateside streaming and catch-up TV sites, including Comedy Central and NBC.

If Netflix over a VPN is what you're after, check out our list of the best VPNs for Netflix – we've rounded up VPN services that can successfully connect to the streaming giant.

No Leaks

Some more good news for Hide Me VPN – our leak tests revealed no worrying IP or DNS address leaks that might identify you even though you’re connecting through a VPN.

Hide Me VPN: The Not-So-Good

HideMe SettingsWith all those plus points, what could hold us back from recommending Hide Me?

Speed Letdown

After all Hide Me’s claims of fast performance, we were disappointed to find it's one of the slowest VPN services we’ve tested.

Even local, short-distance VPN connections give you less than a fifth of the speed you might expect with your normal internet connection.

Things only get worse as the distance increases over transatlantic VPN links. Say you're in Europe, trying to connect to a U.S. server – with Hide Me, it can be a draining experience.

Hide Me VPN Pricing and Hide Me VPN Free

Unfortunately, when it comes to prices, we have further reservations about Hide Me VPN. Put simply, it's not great value compared to some of the best VPN services around. It has two tiers of paid plans, plus a free option.

Hide Me Plus

Plus plans cost $9.95 a month or $59.99 if you pay for a year upfront, but give you a maximum 75GB of bandwidth per month and only one device can connect at any one time.

Hide Me Premium

To get the full, unlimited service with five simultaneous connections you’re looking at the Premium plan, which costs $19.95 per month, or $120 if you pay annually. That’s quite expensive when the features only match what other VPNs provide as standard.

Respectable Free VPN

The Free plan is well worth trying if you only occasionally need a VPN. It’s restricted to a choice of 3 locations with 2GB per month of data transfer and ‘best effort’ speeds, but still perfectly usable if you simple want to encrypt your data when you hook up to a public WiFi hotspot.

Try out any of these Hide Me VPN plans today.

Getting Started with Hide Me VPN

HideMe LoginSigning up for Hide Me definitely isn’t an exercise in espionage. Simply head to the official Hide.Me website, enter your email address, add some payment details, and the service sends you emails with your order confirmation plus a username and password.

Once signed-in, there’s a useful setup wizard that helps you download the right version for your computer or device. Even during the installation, there’s a helpful little presentation to take you through the features of your new VPN.

The Windows app is well designed, and you can start a new VPN connection with a single click on the Enable VPN button, or click Change to to switch to a different location.

You have to manually connect and reconnect when you change location, but this isn’t unusual by any means.

The Verdict

Hide Me is a perfectly decent VPN but too expensive for what it is. Much as we like the straightforward no-logging policy and the easy look and feel, we’re put off by the restrictions on the Plus plans and the underwhelming speeds. Other VPNs offer better value for your money.

Hide Me VPN isn't hiding its great deals. Want to sign up today?

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