TorGuard vs NordVPN

June 12, 2019

1:24 pm

There are plenty of VPNs out there vying for your bucks, and we're here to pitch two of the best against each other – NordVPN and TorGuard. The winner – by a narrow margin – is NordVPN, which manages to marry a bumper crop of features and a tempting price tag.

We've tested over twenty VPNs, including free and paid-for ones, and taken into account all the factors that matter to you – speed, how well they protect your identity, how easy they are to use, and of course, how much they cost. When we tell you that NordVPN is one of the best, you can rest assured we've done our homework. Better still, NordVPN has regular discounts that make it an even more attractive VPN to choose.

If you're wondering why you might need a VPN, there are plenty of excellent reasons to use one in 2019. A good VPN helps you protect yourself on the internet, access region-blocked services such as Netflix, and give you peace of mind when you're using public or work internet.

TorGuard vs NordVPN: Head-to-Head

Both TorGuard and NordVPN are excellent VPNs, with a wide range of features to help you stay safe and expand your access to the internet without having to worry about region restrictions. NordVPN came out on top in our testing, and is cheaper to boot, so gets our strongest recommendation.

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TorGuard logoNordVPN logo
Ease of Use4 stars5 stars
Speed3 stars4 stars
Features3 stars3 stars
Privacy5 stars5 stars
Help & Support5 stars4 stars
Value5 stars4 stars
Number of servers3,0003,605
Torrent SupportYesYes
Built-in Speed testNoNo
Ad blockingNoYes
Data LoggingNoNo
Number of Devices56
Cheapest Monthly Plan$4.99 (1-year plan)$2.99 (3-year plan)
DiscountsClick for DealsClick for Deals

In this review:

TorGuard or NordVPN – Which VPN is Best?

If you're trying to decide between TorGuard or NordVPN, then you're in a good place – both are among the best paid-for VPN services out there, and well worth a few bucks a month. However, each VPN has its own positives:

  • TorGuard can unlock Netflix
  • NordVPN has faster speeds
  • Both offer watertight security features
  • NordVPN offers ad blocking

In our testing, NordVPN proved itself to the better option of the two, thanks to its faster speeds and exceptional value. However, if you're after a VPN that unlocks Netflix, then it won't do you much good – that's the one area where NordVPN falls flat. However, TorGuard is able to unlock the popular streaming service.

Whichever you opt for, we're confident that you won't regret your choice, with either one offering a full featured tool that you can use to unlock the internet while also protecting yourself online.

NordVPN connecting to US serverNordVPN Highlights, Pros and Cons

5 stars
  • Excellent range of servers
  • One of the fastest VPNs we've tested
  • Brilliant security features
  • Killswitch feature

NordVPN is an excellent all-rounder, and one of the best VPNs we've tested. We think it's probably better suited to those who have used a VPN before – or are at least willing to take the time to learn the intricacies of it – but once you're on board, we doubt you'll want to look anywhere else for your VPN needs.

Why? Well, for one thing, NordVPN is stuffed with features, with a wide range of options for those that like to tinker to curate their experience. If that's not really your bag, you can always just go with the default settings.

Then there's the speed. With all VPNs, there's an element of slowdown once the VPN is activated; this is unfortunately inevitable, due to the way that they reroute your traffic through different servers. Some handle this better than others, and NordVPN manages to maintain excellent speeds.

We also like the amount of flexibility that NordVPN offers you when selecting servers. You can select those that are better suited to specific uses, or those that give you a high level of anonymity.

For more, read our full NordVPN review


  • Fast and effective
  • Packed with features
  • Excellent value


  • Not the most intuitive VPN
  • Can't unblock some streaming services
  • Assumes some technical knowledge

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torguard VPNTorGuard: Highlights, Pros and Cons

4 stars
  • Better suited to experienced VPN users
  • Unlocks Netflix
  • Maintains decent speeds
  • Exceptional privacy settings

TorGuard doesn't quite match NordVPN in our lab testing, but in all honesty, it's not too far behind. In many areas, it ticks all the same boxes: excellent security features? Check. Fast speeds? Check. Large choice of servers? Check.

However, NordVPN is overall the better package, and generally easier to use. While neither are an ideal entry point for a VPN virgin, you'd have a much easier time with NordVPN than with TorGuard, which is likely to prove too obtuse for first timers.

However, if you know your way around a VPN, there's a lot to like here. One particular feather in TorGuard's cap is its ability to unlock Netflix, giving users access to content on the service from every region. This can be a great boon for avid bingers, and is one of the main reasons why people use a VPN in the first place. It also gives it a significant boost over NordVPN, which can't access the streaming service.

It would be remiss not to mention TorGuard's ‘How to' guides, which are thorough and extremely helpful. Coupled with its email and live chat support, this means that help is always at hand.


  • Strong global presence
  • Great features and control for expert users
  • Impressive VPN performance


  • Not great for less experienced users
  • Awkward sign-up process
  • Tiny text when you sign in

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Best Features: Draw

There's a reason why both NordVPN and TorGuard are riding high in our ratings – they both offer an excellent and comprehensive suite of features. In fact, there's so much to play with in both apps that chances are you won't even get to half of it, unless you really like to have control over every aspect of what your VPN does.

Both VPNs offer a Killswitch, a handy little feature which will kick in should your VPN connection fail. Should this happen, some VPNs will simply put you back on your ISP connection, which is a risk to your privacy as you are no longer protected with the anonymity of a VPN. With a Killswitch, your traffic is stopped dead, and your session won't transfer to your standard supplier (unless you choose to).

Both services also give you a refreshing amount of control over which servers you connect to, with the ability to choose the one that suits your traffic best.

It's also worth noting that neither VPN will leave you high and dry if you're struggling, with both offering live chat and email support.

NordVPN logoBest for Privacy Settings: NordVPN

Both TorGuard and NordVPN offer watertight security and privacy features, and with good reason. Any VPN provider worth its salt knows that the reason that many people pick a VPN is to protect their anonymity online, and that's why both offer an excellent range of services to help with this. NordVPN makes big claims about its ‘military grade security', and we can't fault TorGuard either – during our testing, we found that neither were susceptible to data leaks or leaving a trail of our activities online, which isn't something that every VPN can boast.

NordVPN goes the extra mile by allowing users to block adverts, meaning it can also safeguard against malware and phishing sites. TorGuard doesn't offer such a feature, which is why we've given NordVPN the slight edge here.

Another important factor when it comes to privacy is data logging. Some VPNs keep a record of your online activity, even if you believe that your online activity is totally anonymous. Thankfully, both NordVPN and TorGuard don't do this.

NordVPN logoBest Range of Servers: NordVPN

To really get the most out of a VPN, you'll want to pick a service that operates a large number of servers across many countries. This means that you'll have the biggest number of options when it comes to how you access content. With many sites and online services opting to region-blocking certain features and content, the more servers you have access to, the more likely it is that you'll be able to access it. It can also have a big impact on the speed and stability of your VPN – with more servers, the traffic is spread around, and its less likely that a VPN will be crippled by heavy traffic to one server.

Both NordVPN and TorGuard really spoil their users here, operating 3,605 and 3,000 servers respectively. NordVPN wins this round thanks to those extra 600+ servers, but you won't go too far wrong with either when it comes to choice. NordVPN currently has a presence in 62 countries, while Torguard currently covers 55.

NordVPN and TorGuard also provide plenty of options when it comes to choosing the server that you want to connect to.

NordVPN logoBest for Speed: NordVPN

If you think it's a close fight between NordVPN and TorGuard, then you might not be too surprised to hear that both handle speed really well. Both manage to mitigate most of the usual slow down that is caused by all VPNs, compared to traditional ISPs.

It's NordVPN, though, that manages to claim the prize in this category, as it maintained the fastest speeds between the two services. Even when handling transatlantic traffic, NordVPN still managed to maintain 50% of our usual internet speed. That might not sound too impressive, but it's actually among the fastest we've seen in our testing, and indicative of the sort of drop you can expect when using a VPN. Neither NordVPN nor TorGuard are slouches in this area – by contrast, we've seen some services that drop your traffic to a crawl should you dare to venture to a server outside of your country.

Final Verdict

Want a fast VPN that protects your identity and comes with a wide range of features? Get NordVPN or TorGuard. Want a VPN that's one of the fastest we've ever tested, and also happens to be considerably cheaper than TorGuard? That's NordVPN. While both services are amongst the best we've tested, we can't see many reason to opt for TorGuard over NordVPN.

While there are a lot of VPNs out there, these two represent the very best, and both offer a compelling argument for paying for a VPN (even it's just a few bucks a month). The sheer range of features, privacy controls and server choice is unheard of in the world of free VPNs, and well worth your monthly subscription.

Our final advice is to seek out some savings – check for NordVPN deals before you commit.

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