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Tech Cocktail DC

Yetio Has Stiff Competition in the Video Streaming World


If you had one guess as to the occupation of a man with a bachelor’s degree in Cybernetics and a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, what would you say? My gut would be that he is creating the next wave of robotic technology that will one day turn into the Terminator. However, Michael Pritchard, with… Read more »

FraudCop: Fraud Prevention for the Healthcare Industry


Zigron Healthcare is the product of two great minds meeting. Quasim Mueen and Frank Din designed a focused, scientific approach for fraud prevention in the healthcare industry with their flagship application, FraudCop. The team employs a multitude of software engineers, HIT experts, and visualization and user interface developers to give the industry a solid defense against… Read more »

WegoWise Raises $3 Million in Funding


Yesterday, WegoWise raised $3 million in additional funding from Boston Community Capital. The platform helps real estate owners compare energy use and efficiency across their buildings to figure out which ones to upgrade first. WegoWise was started in Boston, previously raised $1.9 million from the same group, and recently added a DC office in 1776.

Local Energy Technology Reduces Energy Theft


In the United States, energy consumption is taken for granted by most. The statement comes at the end of the billing cycle and we pay it, even if it means searching for quarters in the couch. Electricity is a necessity for us. But the energy industry in most emerging energy markets like South Asia, the… Read more »

Praescient Analytics: Decoding Data for National Security and Defense


Katie Crotty, Yvonne Soto, and Patrick Ryan embarked on a mission when they started Praescient Analytics: revolutionize the way the world understands information with the latest analytics tools. It began as a modest offering, but soon blossomed into a $20-million-dollar business with clients in the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the… Read more »

Who is DC’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [POLL]

dc hottest startup

Tech Cocktail is headed back to DC.  Why?  Because we’re a fan of good ideas.  On May 15th, Tech Cocktail will be Mixing things up at 1776 to showcase a fresh batch of local startups. < Sign Up for the Mixer Here > We’ll have more than a dozen up-and-coming startups on hand showcasing their goods, but… Read more »

6 Reasons To Attend LogiAnalytics Roadshow Conference (DC & San Francisco)

logi advertorial

The following post is sponsored by LogiAnalytics, a business intelligence company, named a challenger in the Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms. Test.  Measure.  Refine.  Achieving desired results requires meaningful data.  You wouldn’t dare launch a website without including analytics.  Your app should be no different.  With the world of application analytics still… Read more »

Data Startup CompStak Announces Plans to Expand to LA and DC


CompStak, a startup that sells comparison data on commercial property leases, has just announced its planned expansion into the Los Angeles market June 1st, and into the Washington D.C. market July 1st. Opportunity exists where data are hard to come by. CompStak is positioning itself as a partner to a commercial real estate market that… Read more »

Betterific Is Collecting Entrepreneurial Ideas


On Betterific, people post ideas starting with “Wouldn’t it be better if…?” Here are a few clever ones from over 5,700 posted on the public beta site: Wouldn’t it be better if your car sent you a text message instead of/in addition to your car alarm going off? Wouldn’t it be better if there was a… Read more »

Zoomdata: Google Earth for Data Visualization


Big Data is arguably one of the hottest tech buzzwords of the past year. From startups to Fortune 500’s, big data analytics can reveal new and creative insights for online and offline consumer behavior. The headlines all depend on how you slice it. Zoomdata offers one way to tackle this monstrous challenge by providing the… Read more »

Who Needs Preschool? AppTalia: Apps for Early Childhood Education


Everything is changing, and everybody knows it. There is a palpable sense of anxiety over what the future holds for America and what it means for the coming generations. The new fluid workforce, global economics, and disruptive information technologies are going to have a significant impact on American competitiveness and, as a result, the opportunities… Read more »

DC-Based Kona Kase Delivers Monthly, Healthy Treats to Endurance Athletes


Have you noticed the gold rush toward subscription based delivery services over the last couple of years?  Perhaps you’re familiar with Truck Club, Birchbox, Foodzie, and/or  Science Inc.  has doubled down on this trend with their backing of Wittlebee, Dollar Shave Club, Urban Remedy, and Fresh Dish.  With the success of those who have paved the way, the… Read more »