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Tech Cocktail DC

Share Rides Out of Town with RidePost


If hitchhiking was version 1.0 of ridesharing, then Craiglist was version 2.0 – without much of an upgrade in the creepy factor. But startups like RidePost are hoping to give a better reputation to splitting rides with relative strangers. Part of Fortify Ventures, RidePosts lets drivers post upcoming trips and invite passengers to split the… Read more »

DC’s Hottest Showcasing Startup, Seva Call Makes Finding Local Service Providers A Breeze


Finding local service providers -like dentists, computer repairmen, and movers- should be easy.   Unfortunately, in many parts of the country it isn’t.  Good news- for those who live in one of the nine cities covered by Seva Call (including DC, Boston, and Philadelphia), it is. Providing this convenience was enough to earn the DC-based marketplace the honor of… Read more »

Vookup: Your One-Stop Shop for Successful Event Planning


Want to get a group together for an Oscars Party? How about some cross-country skiing? Great – now how do we make it happen? We send out Evites, Facebook invites, and emails, but people still manage to slip through the cracks. We coordinate dates, times, venues, cost, and a seemingly endless list of details large… Read more »

Improv Comedy Meets Instagram With SnapDash


You’re hiding from your ex at the bar.  Okay, not really.  But pretend like you were- after all, it’s being documented. This is the premise behind SnapDash, a new app for iOS (Android coming soon) that prompts subjects with humorous scenarios to be acted out under a 5-second camera timer.  The result is a quasi-Whose Line… Read more »

Who is DC’s Hottest Showcasing Startup? [Poll]

dc hottest showcasing startup

Tech Cocktail loves DC Tech, so it comes as no surprise that we are beyond excited to host our first DC Mixer of 2013.  On February 28th, we’re headed to the brand new 1776 to showcase a fresh batch of local startups. < Sign Up for the Mixer Here > We’ll have a dozen up-and-coming startups on… Read more »

Take a Tour of 1776, a New Incubator in DC


Tonight is the launch party for 1776, a new 15,000-square-foot incubator in Washington, DC, that hopes to serve as a central hub for a growing startup scene. According to cofounder Donna Harris, the goal is to connect two worlds in DC that have always been separate: the tech startup scene and the industries surrounding government…. Read more »

Speek Gets Funded By Valhalla Partners

Funding News

Valhalla Partners today announced its seed investment in Ashburn, Va-based Speek, a simple visual conference platform that uses a personal link (e.g.,, rather than a traditional phone number and PIN to connect conference calls. Valhalla joins in the investment with several angel investors. Valhalla Partner Kevin Greene, who led the investment had this to say: “There’s a lot… Read more »

DC’s ProConIt Does Surveys Right


The ease and speed at which we can gather data today is remarkable and has increased, and in some cases, secured the bottom line of many businesses. ProConIt delivers the benefits of social evaluation, interactive surveys, and nicely designed embeddable widgets with their service. ProConIt’s widgets, called ‘Procons,’ are created after defining the topic of… Read more »

Experts Tell Congress: Help Startups Grow Outside the Valley


In testimony before the House Caucus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship last Tuesday, experts from the startup industry urged Congress to support the growing startup scenes outside Silicon Valley. The caucus meets regularly to discuss entrepreneurship and learn from people in the industry. Its goal is to preach the importance of entrepreneurship to the rest of… Read more »

DC’s eNotebook is Changing the Way Students Take Notes


Classrooms around the world are becoming more efficient every day. New technologies in the field of education are taking some of the burden off of teachers by helping students to become more successful learners. While many of these new innovations focus on how teachers teach, a few are coming out that are designed solely for the… Read more » Helps Businesses Do Better Targeted Marketing


Companies and nonprofits have invested years, and many thousands of dollars, proliferating their email lists, only to watch email open rates decline by almost 50 percent over the past decade, says Roz Lemieux, CEO of She’s seen people moving to social media for their day-to-day communications, leaving organizations struggling to figure out how to engage… Read more »

Data Nerds at OpBandit Are Rethinking Online Newspapers


When newspapers were print-only, the idea of optimizing headlines, images, and content, or doing audience segmentation, must have seemed impossible. Today, most news organizations that are transitioning their content to online, and mobile platforms haven’t realized the potential that exists for detailed tracking, analytics, and optimization. I sat down last week with the two founders… Read more »

Uplift Teaches STEM to Minority Students in DC


In the latest Global Competitiveness Report, the United States ranks 47th worldwide for the quality of math and science education. Doing its small part to help that, the nonprofit Uplift started an extracurricular program that teaches STEM to minority students in pre-K through 12th grade. With guest speakers, group activities, and field trips, it hopes… Read more »

500 Startups’s Markerly Makes Your Website Tweetable


The month before Markerly entered 500 Startups, they saw a big opportunity waiting if they just made a shift – a little scooch, really – in another direction. So they hit pause on the idea that got them a spot in the selective startup accelerator, and hacked out a new one. Now, they sell their software… Read more »