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Tech Cocktail CEO Tony Conrad Raises $11 Million, Will Fireside Chat With Tech Cocktail in July

aboutme is quickly growing to internet notoriety, and, personally, it’s my favorite way to promote myself via social media. Why, you might ask? It’s simple: is simple. The platform combines the flair of Facebook with the professionalism of LinkedIn, and every day more people make a page for themselves. Since 2010 the company has… Read more »

Desk Drinkers Brings Craft Beers to Your Office


We are nearly half way through this week and most employees are already counting the hours till Friday at 5 om comes around, or, 4.30 for you cheeky escapees. The destination for most startup employees is happy hour at their local watering hole. But what if happy hour could be brought to the office? That’s what Miami’s Desk… Read more »

Cybersecurity Accelerator MACH37 Announces 60 Members to its Mentor Network


Yesterday, the Herndon, VA-based cybersecurity accelerator MACH37 announced the first 60 members in its mentor network, additionally putting out a global call for more members. Called the “Stars Network,” mentors include successful cybersecurity entrepreneurs, domain experts, and industry thought leaders across the United States. Members include former CIO at the Central Intelligence Agency, Alan Wade; founder and CEO… Read more »

PROsimity Is Tinder For Business Networking


Let’s be honest, sometimes networking events can be unpleasant at its best. The small talk, the cheap drinks, the awkward moment when you can’t remember someone’s name and they are very offended… We network to make the right connections, it’s part of getting business done to find the right person to collaborate. Why does one… Read more »

Jason Aramburu Is Priming Edyn For A Big Future


The New York Times recently reported about Edyn, a smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions. But it goes well beyond that as Edyn’s founder, Jason Aramburu, is trying to tackle the problems of drought and the global food shortage. The soil sensor and water valve devices are topped by solar panels, and… Read more »

RideScout Expands to a Whopping 69 Cities across North America


We’ve had our eye on DC-based RideScout for a while now. Back in November, the company launched its app for iOS and Android, aggregating all your ground transportation options in real time. Just last month, they expanded the service to Chicago - the company’s fifth city since the launch. And, this morning, the company has announced its “Summer of 69,” officially launching… Read more »

#MiamiTech, Prepare For A Load of Hacking

DCWEEK Hackathon

Miami, temperature is rising and so are the numbers of hackathons. Mark your calendars, looks like the next two weeks there will be Hackathons for all interests and niche. “Money Trail” Hackathon- June 7th.  The first Pan Latin American hackathon in 13 Hacks/Hackers chapters in Latin America. Miami is the only U.S. chapter who will… Read more »

Fines Won’t Keep Uber and Lyft Down in Miami


Miami’s new ride-sharing services Lyft and Uber have to keep on moving. Since the launch of Lyft and UberX in Miami, drivers for both companies are now facing significant fines and penalties from Miami-Dade County. More aggressive measures have included some Lyft cars being impounded. Miami-Dade County code requires that for-hire services get taxicab license to assure… Read more »