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Tech Cocktail

David Cohen Explains How Techstars Is Staying Competitive

david cohen

Before we wrapped up the day 1 sessions at Tech Cocktail’s Celebrate Conference and headed over to Place on 7th for the National Startup Showcase & Mixer, Frank Gruber sat down with David Cohen for a fireside chat. And who better to talk accelerators with than the founder of Techstars? After a quick ditty on his ukulele, Gruber… Read more »

The Delicate Relationship between Startups and City Governments

investing to build a city

With more cities developing and growing their entrepreneurial community comes the important question of funding. “We are seeing that more startups are not having to move from their cities to find funding,” said Clara Sieg of Revolution Ventures in a panel led by Eric Olson of Origin Ventures during Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference. But how can cities… Read more »

Tony Hsieh: I’m Not Leaving the Downtown Project

tony hsieh

Disclaimer: Tech Cocktail is funded by the Downtown Project Kicking off the afternoon sessions on day one of this year’s Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference was the Downtown Project‘s Tony Hsieh. The theme of his talk was not one we’re strangers to – The City as a Startup – but it’s no less inspiring as Hsieh truly embodies what… Read more »

Don’t Lean Too Heavily on Startup Community Leaders

entrepreneurial community

The morning portion of the first day at our annual Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference is wrapping up, and the early sessions have been ripe with food for thought. We heard Sarah Evans, a digital correspondent for companies like PayPal, Cisco, and Cox Communications, moderate a panel on how we can make our communities a better place for startups. In attendance… Read more »

To Close the Tech Talent Gap, We Need to Rethink Education

Growing the talent pool

Following an engaging panel on how to create a “collisionable city” – a city conducive to interpersonal collisions that promote collaboration – at this year’s Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference, the discussion on stage switched to what public and private entities can do to support the expansion of the available talent pool. Whether in the form of… Read more »

Entrepreneurs with Big Egos Have No Place in Startup Communities

collisionable city

Disclaimer: Tech Cocktail is funded by the Downtown Project.  To kick off this year’s Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference, a panel of experts discussed how to create cities where collaboration is encouraged. An entrepreneurial hub needs to be a place where collisions happen and startups grow. Dylan Jorgensen, collision scientist at Downtown Project, led the conversation by asking… Read more »

Shapify: Make a 3D Replica of Yourself


A few years ago, receiving a 3D scanned version of yourself would have been novel – or even unheard of. However, now anyone can order, sell, or make a 3D human replica from the comfort of their business or home with Shapify. Shapify, based on the Artec Group‘s scanning technology, allows anyone to turn themselves… Read more »

Snaapiq: The App that Turns Your Selfies into Prizes


Take a selfie and you can earn rewards or prizes – yes, it’s that simple. Enter a contest on the Snaapiq app, upload a photo, and see if you’re chosen. No gimmicks or hassle, just a fun way to share your pictures with a community and friends on social media. According to its site, “Snaapiq turns… Read more »

Talia Mashiach: Don’t Prioritize Raising Money When You Start a Company [VIDEO]


Last month at our Tech Cocktail Chicago Sessions event, we had Talia Mashiach, the founder and CEO of event commerce company of Eved, join us to talk about how she’s ended up on this path towards building a billion-dollar Chicago company. On top of having raised over $11 million, the company client list includes major corporations, including the… Read more »

Get the Scoop: Guide To Downtown Las Vegas

Guide to Downtown Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas, and all its revitalized glory, is still here and still kicking – despite the recent headlines in some other publications. The Downtown Project and all the restaurants, small businesses, and tech companies that sprouted from it are still here and still building every day. We welcome you to take a look at… Read more »

From Kickstarter to Apple Stores with olloclip


In 2011, with everyone carrying a phone in their pockets, longtime product developer and photographer Patrick O’Neill took it upon himself to make mobile phone photography better. O’Neill decided to launch the product on Kickstarter, called olloclip, that features a simple iPhone 4 lens that houses a fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lens all in one. In no time… Read more »