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US Internet to Provide Minnesota with 10 GBPS Internet


It was recently reported by Tech Times that Minneapolis, Minnesota will be the first city in continental America to get 10 GBPS (gigabits per second) internet speed. According to the author of the article, Anu Passary, this will give Minneapolis the distinction of having the fastest residential connection worldwide. This blazingly fast speed is sponsored… Read more »

Everplans Adds Generator Ventures to Roster of Investors, Bringing Total Funding to More Than $6M

everplans logo

Everplans announced today that Generator Ventures has joined its roster of investors, bringing Everplans total funding to more than $6 million, validating Everplans’ business strategy in the growing end-of-life planning industry. The New York-based Everplans helps you complete, organize, and securely share your legal, financial, and health planning in one place so the important people… Read more »

These Satirical Pop Culture Emojis Aren’t Pulling Any Punches


Amidst the ruckus surrounding Sony Pictures, North Korea, and “The Interview” these days, it’s nice to see that some people still have a sense of humor. Seemingly overnight Emo-Emoji, the brainchild of internationally renowned artist Le Messie, launched a digital sticker app for iOS. The app contains dozens of shareable emojis based purely in satire, and… Read more »

Knovio Adds Personal Narration to Your Multimedia Content


KnowledgeVision Systems, an industry leader in multimedia online presentation technology, announced that they would be upgrading their free Knovio Mobile app with a host of new features. This new update will enable iPad users to turn photos from their camera into narrated multimedia stories. Users on the Knovio platform can now add photos to narrated… Read more »

Alec Stern Lays out his 10 Pillars for SMB Success

Alec Stern

Before he came to our recent Tech Cocktail Sessions in Downtown Las Vegas, Alec Stern managed to get himself cast as an extra for a new episode of Pawn Stars; it didn’t trump his time talking to our great audience though. When he’s not talking at our events, or appearing on hit TV shows, Stern spends… Read more »

On Long Drives U-Wake Will Keep U Awake


Who doesn’t love an epic road trip? Pack all of your buddies and gear into the car, hit the open road at the crack of dawn, and cruise the highways of old America to new destinations; it’s a classic, good time. There’s inevitably one drawback though, and that’s determining who drives at night. It’s not… Read more »

What’s the Cannabis Industry Missing? Engineers


I came across a Kickstarter campaign recently by a Denver-based startup Edn, short for Environmental Data Network. What caught my attention was not the fact that the founders, Lucas Powell and Ryan Woltz, were diving head first into the cannabis-tech industry, but rather the fact that they were some of the first engineers I’ve seen… Read more »

What Can Video Games Tell you About Your Beta Community?


Do you remember an old game made by Big Fish Studios called Faunasphere? Mia Consalvo does because she’s a Research Chair in Game Studies and Design who actually studied the game’s development through a beta period, a web launch, a move to Facebook, and an ultimate shut down. When she spoke at our recent Tech Cocktail Sessions in… Read more »

No Matter Where you Start Up, the Challenges are the Same

Jonathan Jenkins video

Jonathan Jenkins’ background in business was rooted primarily in Asia when he started his company,, in 2011. It was focused on helping independent small business owners compete against big box retailers, and they saw incredible traction in only a few short years. But then his business started taking off stateside, and Jenkins realized he needed… Read more »