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Tech Cocktail

Spor: Your Solar-Powered Phone Charger


Charge your mobile phone (or any USB-powered device) with a solar panel – it’s an interesting and innovative concept that’s been turned into a device called Spor. Spor is a self-regenerating battery charger for USB devices, according to their site. The device is easy to use and offers access to a power source that fits… Read more »

How to Find a Startup Job That Will Change Your Life

startup job

Quick. Here’s how to find a startup worth working for. Life is too short to be in the wrong place. A friend texted me a couple days ago after reading one of my blog posts. Which felt nice, because I was certain my Mom was my only regular reader. But anyway, he’s super bummed out… Read more »

#SaveElephants by Shopping at BRIKA


Ecommerce revolves around making a sale and creating products that people love. For entrepreneurs in this space, one of the most difficult challenges is drawing people to their site and standing out from another ecommerce site that is just one click away. The secret? Tie in a good cause, unique content, and cofounders with a… Read more »

HIS Energy Wins Nation’s Hottest Showcasing Startup


And it’s a wrap! Tech Cocktail’s Celebrate Conference brought together speakers, mentors, and startups from all over the world. As part of the conference, we held the nation’s hottest showcasing startup competition. The winner was Baltimore startup HIS Energy, who will be taking home a giant $10,000 check, the Tech Cocktail Chalice, American Airlines Business Extra… Read more »

Don’t Try to Be Zappos When Your Startup Is Young

jenn lim shane green

Shane Green of Resort Rescue and Jenn Lim came to our Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference this afternoon to talk about one thing: company culture. Lim spends her time working for Delivering Happiness, a company that is directly spun off from Tony Hsieh’s book of the same name, and it’s been an interesting journey into companies and how… Read more »

Don’t Raise Funding to Pay Yourself

wild world of funding

Nowadays, when you’ve got an idea for a product or a startup, but find yourself with zero dollars to your name, it’s not entirely impossible to get your venture off the ground. Nothing is impossible in the land of opportunity – go for the American Dream, #amirite? Outside of traditional venture funding and angel funding,… Read more »

It’s Up to Entrepreneurs to Manage Their Investors

charles hudson bharat vasan

When it comes to the topic of getting funding for your startup, the challenges are endless. Not only is raising a round of funding a long process, but developing a relationship with investors that is beneficial to the company’s growth is also something you have to think about. In a conversation about the intricacies of… Read more »

David Copperfield: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Magic

david copperfield

The morning fireside chats are underway on day 2 here at our Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference, and we saw the Grand Illusionist David Copperfield sit down to be interviewed by Ben Parr, journalist, author, entrepreneur, and investor – both Renaissance men. Copperfield is of the mindset that every good entrepreneur or business person pays good attention to story:… Read more »

Can We Protect Privacy in the Smart Home?

internet of things

The fear that companies may be sharing your personal data is age-old. And the field of home security and automation is no exception. Are you willing to give up private information to keep your home safe and costs down? According to Washington, DC-based SmartThings cofounder and CTO Jeff Hagins – who was interviewed today at Tech Cocktail… Read more »