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Hotspotio: Share Your Wi-Fi or 4G Connetion for Simple Favors

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Today the New York based app Hotspotio announced their revamped v 1.1 app for Android that lets users exchange Wi-Fi for simple and free favors. They want to help people avoid spotty, slow Internet connections by tapping into 4G networks that belong to friends and charitable strangers.

The new version of Hotspotio has some significant improvements over the pilot app that was released earlier this year. The network listing has been redesigned to distinguish Hotspotio connections, the push notification system lets users know when they connect, and the map function displays connections more clearly.

It works very simply. Individual users or businesses have the option to share their 4G or Wi-Fi connection with friends, friends of friends, or the public. They set a password, and then designate a favor they would like in exchange for connectivity: hugs, Facebook likes, or Twitter follows.

“With Hotspotio, our goal is to make fast, reliable WiFi available in any part of your city—in exchange for a simple and often free favor,” says Simon Schultz, partner at Prehype, the firm behind Hotspotio. “Bicycle sharing, ride sharing, and even couch sharing found enormous popularity around the world, and we think WiFi sharing has the same potential.”

Typical Wi-Fi network sharing requires people to enter long passwords, but Hotspotio allows community members to access the Internet with just one click. Their codeless sharing system, as they say, is faster and more secure than handing out the actual password.

Whether it is for people on the go who suddenly need a stable Internet connection or people who just want to share a YouTube video minus the loading time, Hotspotio guarantees that they can get you a solid connection with no extra fees.





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