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How Local Businesses and Nonprofits Can Benefit from Give to Win


Wouldn’t it be great if you could support your community through local businesses and local nonprofits, at the same time? I mean both are equally significant to the lifeblood of the community – one supports us by providing the goods and services that we need, while the other provides support for social causes that make our communities better places in which to live. Well, Atlanta-based Give to Win actually provides a way for people to do both these things at once.

Give to Win is an online platform that helps everyday consumers make local purchases that support a local nonprofit organization of their choice. Aimed at creating partnerships between businesses and nonprofits, the startup has created a model that allows both types of entities to benefit equally from these purchases.

“As a cause-marketing platform, we seek to strengthen communities by creating balanced, positive relationships between local businesses and local nonprofits,” says co-founder and CEO, Max Ruppersburg. It’s all about balancing consumption with charity. For every dollar a person spends through Give to Win, 45 cents goes to business, 45 cents goes to the nonprofit, and 10 cents goes to Give to Win.

Local businesses work with Give to Win by providing them with a product or service to offer on the platform (say $50 toward a gift certificate at Billy’s Crabshack). The consumer who makes the purchase gets the full value of what they buy, essentially making it as if they were purchasing the certificate directly from the business itself. The difference is that buying it through Give to Win offers both the consumer and the business an opportunity to give back to the community.

“Our platform wants to ensure that supporting local organizations reaps benefits for the businesses so they can and will continue to do it [as well as] to encourage the support of socially-conscious local businesses.” On top of helping local businesses create better relationships with local nonprofits, Give to Win provides businesses with a better batch of consumers. “The quality of customers [from Give to Win] are better because they’re more closely tied to the organizations and charities. This creates a relationship that is likely to continue.”

With regards to the 45-45-10 split, Ruppersburg comments “it’s important for us to give as much as possible to charity … We’re trying to see whether we can be bold with our percentages.”

Give to Win was most recently featured at Tech Cocktail’s Atlanta Mixer & Startup Showcase

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