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Watch This Hilarious Video of a Woman Dancing Around with Her Vibrating Ring


I have literally not stopped laughing at this video for Ringly. Ever since it was forwarded to me, I’ve watched this video repeatedly, and I have a few questions: why can’t this woman stand still? Is that outfit an homage to the 1950s? Are you trying to pull a Renée Zellweger with your facial expressions, or is that ring causing your facial tics? Maybe you just had too much coffee and are having a really difficult time chilling the eff down with your enthusiasm?

Another product in the rapidly growing wearable tech industry, Ringly syncs with your phone and forwards all your notifications to the vibrating ring. The rings are made with 18K matte gold  3 micron plating with precious/semi-precious stones, and are being offered right now at special pre-order prices 25% off retail. Even with the discount, the cheapest ring will still set you back $145 – at that price, you better hope it brings you as much happiness as the woman in this video.

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