Steve Olsher on Developing a Healthy Mindset for Success – Interview

April 20, 2017

2:20 pm

Understanding your purpose, your own personal “What” is the key to happiness, so we asked thought leader Steve Olsher to give us some help.

We sat down with Steve, a NY times bestseller of What is Your What, chairman of and radio host of Reinvention Radio, and someone who has done a lot of awesome and dedicated himself to putting it to use to help others.

In this edition of Founder Stories, we hear lots of insight on how Steve reinvented his mindset and how you can do the same. We also get a very clear and useful definition of how to think about your purpose in life, also known as your “What.” You’ll also learn about the ability to think differently, how being yourself can set you free, and learning of the power of the mind. We also delve into how your mindset dictates the your thinking pattern and if you want to change it, enhance it or just enjoy it then the answer is within. Most importantly, we cover finding happiness and your “What” is the stepping stone to get there.

The brain is the most complex computer on this planet, if you can understand your “What,” then you can have a great sense of self awareness, more control of your thoughts and in turn a greater capability to be all you can be, Steve can explain the rest.

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