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ShopKeep POS Review

ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep’s iPad POS software is aimed at two biggest POS-reliant industries: Retail and restaurants. The vendor also sells hardware options for businesses in need of more than just iPads, from barcode scanners to receipt printers. But are the features worth the price?

amoCRM Review

amoCRM header

The San Francisco-based amoCRM offers a CRM software service that delivers the basics of CRM — a streamlined deal-closing pipeline — while offering a API that allows third-party widgets to fill in any unique needs a business may have. Does it live up to the promise?

Google Reveals New Slate Pixel Tablet and Home Hub

Google Slate Pixel and Home Hub launch

Google’s just-launched Pixel Slate takes on the tablet market with impressive results. Also just launched, the Home Hub is Google’s very serviceable and aggressively priced home assistant device. Here are the specs to expect, as well as when you can get each device.

TouchBistro POS Review

The TouchBistro POS app

Founded in Toronto in 2010, TouchBistro has rapidly expanded beyond the city to take over the entire restaurant POS industry, and for good reason. Find out why TouchBistro could be the perfect software for your restaurant or cafe in our 2018 review, plus get a custom price quote.

How Much Does a POS System Cost?

POS system cost

POS systems can be tiny or huge, from a single iPad app to a multi-location hardware and software setup. But whether your business is one person with a tablet, or hundreds of employees, every business owner wants to find the best POS system at the most cost-effective price point.

Zoho CRM Review

India-based software manufacturer Zoho offers a CRM with a good range of features in an easy-to-use platform, backed by an international 24/7 phone support team.

Best Free POS Software for Small Businesses

Free POS at a small business

Is a free POS system right for your business? It largely depends on the current size of your business and what you have planned for the future. Here’s a look at which options to consider and how to tell if they’re right for you.

Apptivo CRM Review

Apptivo CRM Software Review

Apptivo CRM offers all the core features businesses need: It stores customer data, manages sales and billing, and hosts a help desk. Better still, it comes at one of the lowest prices in the CRM industry, making it an attractive pick for cost-efficient managers.

Best Restaurant POS Systems

The right POS system can streamline every operation of your restaurant, bar, or cafe, from orders and payments to your entire ingredient inventory. Here’s everything to know about the best restaurant POS systems available today.

Hubspot Review

The Hubspot CRM is far from a poor CRM software, and is definitely a large improvement over no CRM for a growing business. Hubspot is a recommended CRM for businesses who need or want a free option.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Review

At over 4.25M users, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a well-known customer support option. The Dynamics suite streamlines business operations and customer relation, is functional and remains well-priced for the industry.

Zendesk CRM Review

Zendesk CRM header image

Zendesk offers a suite of support apps that each allow a business to focus on one function of customer service. They can be accessed under a single user interface, for businesses that choose to bundle multiple Zendesk services. Is Zendesk’s ‘lite’ CRM worth using?

Salesforce Review

Salesforce CRM review

The Salesforce CRM lets businesses monitor and improve their customer relationships. The business offers a suite of different services, called “clouds.” TechCo’s review explains whether it’s worth buying.

5 Reasons Your App Could Be Banned by Apple

Infowars, Chatroulette, and a Facebook security app: The Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines have banned before and will ban again. Here’s a look at the top five ways your app could go down in flames, with Apple as the all-powerful adjudicator.

Best iPad POS Apps

Using iPad POS software

An iPad POS app is a must for small or mid-size businesses and they can power entire restaurant chains. Learn more about the best POS systems you can run on your iPad.