Ian is an independent writer based in Israel who has worked as a technology industry reporter and critic for more than ten years. He’s written for PCWorld, Macworld, TechHive, Yahoo, Lifewire, and The Huffington Post. He primarily covers Windows, PC and gaming hardware, video and music streaming services, security software, and browsers.


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CRM Software

Salesforce vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are two giants of CRM software, but which is best for your business? We examine both CRM suppliers to help you choose, including a look at their features, integrations and all-important price plans for businesses.

Project Management Software

Asana vs Jira

Asana is a great all-around project management solution. Jira is easy to understand and simple to use. Which is best? We'd argue it's Asana, but here's our in-depth comparison, which looks at all the pros, cons, features, and plan tiers to help you pick the top software for you.

Project Management Software

Asana vs Wrike

When it comes to Project Management Software, Asana vs Wrike is a headline title fight. In our head-to-head, learn why we think Wrike may (just) be better for medium to large teams to work with. Plus, find out if Asana Free is all you need for small-team project management.

Project Management Software

Asana vs Basecamp

Asana and Basecamp: Two of the biggest brands in project management software. They're both popular and useful, but they offer different strengths and weaknesses. Which one's best for teams, enterprises, or individuals? Read on for our deep, analysis-driven comparison.

Project Management Software

Jira vs Trello

Pay for Jira, stick with free Trello, or pay for Trello Premium? Don't decide until you've read our simple Jira vs Trello project management software guide. Take a look at our in-depth analysis here to understand which is better for big teams, small teams and specific functions.

Password Managers

Sticky Password Review 2019

Sticky Password may not yet have the brand clout of LastPass, but it’s a great password manager to choose. It secures your passwords and other information in an encrypted database so that only someone with the master password can decrypt and read it.

Project Management Software

Zoho Projects Review 2019

Zoho Projects is a solid project management solution with a good range of pricing tiers. However, the free version does lack some basic features, making it suitable for only the simplest projects. Check out Zoho Projects review now.

Project Management Software

Workfront Review 2019

Workfront is a project management tool that aims to centralize a team's work as much as possible into one digital platform, creating a single "operational system of record." Check out our review now for all the features, price points, pros, and cons.

Project Management Software

Wrike Review 2019

Wrike is a cloud-based project management software that offers the standard features you need, as well as added bonuses such as built-in native time tracking and document history tracking. Check out our review now for features, pricing, pros, and cons.

Project Management Software

Basecamp Review 2019

Basecamp is an all-in-one project management solution, offering integrated chat, file storage, and project management tools. Check out our Basecamp review for all the price points, features, pros, and cons.

Project Management Software

Teamwork Projects Review 2019

Teamwork Projects is a cleanly designed, easy-to-use project management tool that’s a good value for the money. Check out our review now for all the price points, features, pros, and cons to get informed before making a decision for yourself.

Project Management Software

Microsoft Project Review 2019

Microsoft Project is primarily a desktop application that can help users create and manage projects using the familiar Microsoft Office Ribbon interface. It's ideal for larger businesses already using Office 365. Check out our review for pricing plans, features, pros, and cons.