I am a technology start up writer. I love to explore the people and stories behind the new ideas changing the world. The best part of the discovery is the preparation which goes into the project. I believe context is important for ALL questions. The most important question you will ever ask and answer is why.


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Blogs Are Better Than Press Releases For Startups

Startups make for great stories. And in the business world, a story can go a long way in selling a product. It's undeniable that blogging is the best way to get a startup story told, considering the audience reading blogs have a finely tuned sensor ready to...


E-Learning for Millennials Goes Mobile with NHGO Live

Everything around workforce training and development must be mobile enough to consume it anywhere at anytime. Yet, there is a foundational need for people seeking direct interaction with an instructor. Sometimes this involves clarifying a particular question, or maybe you just ...


Picking Duck: Research-Driven Sports Betting

Las Vegas, NV is the home of sports betting in the USA. Even in the down years of the real estate bubble, gross sports betting revenue nationwide was above $136 million. It is a quick, seemingly easy way to make money; it almost feels as...


HipPocket Pivots to Focus on Real Estate Brokers

All startups must pivot at some point in response to the market. Founders who use real data and objectively understand their user base make this move without fear. That is exactly what HipPocket cofounder James Bohan-Pitt did after Celebrate 2015 in September. In the...