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Nextiva Review 2019

June 20, 2018

11:04 am

Nextiva Review Logo
  • Established: 2006
  • HQ: Scottsdale, AZ
  • Designed for Windows
  • Incredibly popular
  • Affordable

A highly-rated phone system with big name clients

Nextiva provides cloud-based technology for business communications. A leading name in IP phone services and Unified Communications for businesses large and small, the company specializes in 3 main areas: business VoIPcall centers, and PBX SIP trunks.

In addition, Nextiva offers digital management tools to coordinate your phone systems. Accessed from a desktop or mobile interface, employees can work on the go, while administrators can update service and monitor worker productivity.

  • Nextiva has solutions for any sized business
  • Plans come with customizable features for your company
  • More than 150,000 customers, including Netflix, Taco Bell, and DirectBuy

Nextiva is one of the top rated phone systems on the market today, and for good reason. With a simple interface, low costs, and built-in scalability, this phone system is designed to handle pretty much anything your business can throw at it.

Pricing for Nextiva comes in three different plans, Office Pro, Office Pro Plus, and Office Enterprise, and each one is paid on a monthly basis with no setup fees.

If you aren’t entirely sure that Nextiva can completely put your current phone system to shame, don’t worry. You can try out Nextiva for two months absolutely free. You’ll get unlimited virtual faxing, business SMS texting, and access to more than forty advanced business communication features.

In This Review:

Nextiva Telephone Services: Core Features

Call Center Dashboard

The aim of Nextiva’s Call Center Dashboard is to make managing your communications easier. By creating a single, all-in-one platform for everything from customer profiles to provided services, Nextiva has turned one of the most complicated business processes into an easy-to-use feature that you’re bound to love.

Nextiva Mobile App

Nextiva Phone SystemBeing stuck at your desk during work hours is the worst. In the increasingly mobile world of today, you need to be able to manage your phone system from somewhere other than behind a desktop computer. With the Nextiva mobile app, you can communicate with your entire team easily, being able to access your business line from your smartphone. You can hold conferences and group chats as well. Your team will be more in touch than ever before, enabling maximum productivity.

Customer Analytics

Understanding your customers is important to the success of any business. And while some companies provide analytics about the basics, Nextiva really takes it to the next level with their customer analytics features. By tracking every stage of a customer’s involvement with the company, from getting a quote to mentioning you on social media, your team will get a complete understanding of where customers are coming from and how they feel about their interactions

This will not only inform the decision making process of your business, but also help you and your team develop relationships with customers and clients. And those relationships are what build towards a better business.

Video: Nextiva Unified Communications

Between phone calls, emails and messaging, business communications can get pretty complicated. You may have dozens of apps handling thousands of messages per day. Nextiva want to help you make sense of it all.
Check out the video to hear how Nextiva can keep your team on the same page, in their own words.

Set Up and Customer Support

Could you imagine investing in an in-depth, all-in-one communication system for your company and then not being able to get in contact with customer support during setup? Well, with Nextiva, that won’ t happen. Their customer support team is always right there by your side.

Whether it’s their live chat representatives or their on-the-phone customer support team, you can tell the people at Nextiva actually care about your business as much as their own. You use their support page, call, email, or live chat, and open a case for investigation if needed. Simply put, this is the customer support you expect from one of the most popular phone systems on the market.

Support & Training

Support options

  • Phone, email, live chat
  • Very responsive
  • M-F: 5AM-6PM; Sat-Sun: 6AM-6PM

Training options

  • Online training videos
  • Company fact sheet
  • Virtual live courses

Case Studies

Austin Cake Ball

Austin Cake Ball is a popular bakery that resides just north of the Texas capital city. Situated within the swanky Copper Restaurant & Dessert Lounge, ACB experiences high call volume, especially during the holidays.

Customers call to make reservations for the restaurant or to order delicious cakes for special occasions. So when office manager, Christi Greene discovered that some callers were failing to connect because of overwhelmed lines, she knew she had to switch phone service providers.

As a result, Greene sought out Nextiva. The company provided Austin Cake Ball with a more robust and capable VoIP phone system. Plus, Greene was impressed with the excellent customer service. Rather than being sent through endless automated menus when placing a call, Nextiva’s support system connected her with a live agent right away.

Greene now rests easy knowing that all customer communications are being handled.


The News Distribution Network provides short-form video content to news outlets, and reaches 146 million viewers worldwide. With over 100 employees spread throughout 3 offices, NDN needed a reliable, multi-faceted phone system that could keep pace with the 24/7, breaking-news deadlines of the media.

The company enlisted Nextiva to provide it with a reliable, scalable VoIP system. In addition to the system’s superior call quality, the central office in Atlanta can ship phones out to their other offices and have them up and running in no time, thanks to Nextiva’s easy implementation.

With Nextiva, NDN can always count on hassle-free communication with their partners in The Associated Press, MLB, and others.

Nextiva Plans and Pricing

Singing Nextiva’s praises with regards to their many comprehensive features is one thing. But if you’re going to install a new phone system into your company’s daily operations, you need to know that it isn’t going to break the bank.

Nextiva’s highly rated phone system not only does it all, but it also comes at a surprisingly reasonable price. With three plans, you’ll be able to choose which features are important to you, as well as the level of communication you’ll need across your team.

First, there’s the Office Pro plan, which comes in as low as $19.95 per month, providing all the basic features, like voice to email, unlimited calling, call management, and many others. Second, there’s the Office Pro Plus plan, which can be as low as $20.95 per month, and offers a few more convenient features, like professional recorded greetings, team presence notifications, and access to the Nextiva mobile app.

Finally, the Office Enterprise price plan as available for as low as $27.95 per month, and provides a larger capacity version of the Office Pro Plus plan, giving your team the possibility to take advantage of this added features at scale.

To make the right decision, you’ll need to know exactly how much Nextiva will cost your company, and that’s where we come in. You can get a customizable quote for your specific needs with this price comparison form, so you’ll have all the information you need to make the correct choice.

Final Verdict

It might be cliché, but there is nothing wrong with going for the best product when you’re looking to improve the productivity of your business, and Nextiva is easily near the top of the phone system fight. From comprehensive features to helpful customer support to a simple, stylish interface, there’s not a lot bad to say about Nextiva’s phone system solutions.

Like any big phone system though, customization can be a bit hard, so make sure to take advantage of the two-month demo to get your bearings. Odds are, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for with Nextiva, but it never hurts to test the water, as you’d hate to be one of the very few one-star reviews found on the average review site.

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