Finally: An Air Conditioner You Can Carry Anywhere

June 6, 2016

8:00 pm

I’m writing this article in the only room in my house with an air conditioner. That’s right, I’m essentially trapped here. Clearly, I’m very interested in one particular Kickstarter. That’s right, someone’s trying to create a portable air conditioner.

More importantly, it’s an air conditioner that should cost its users less than a cent a day. The catch: it’s aimed at cooling small areas. It’s perfect for a workspace, however, which is all you should really be caring about in this situation anyway.

Geizeer, whose tagline is “eco friendly ice cooling,” is fully funded with eight days left to go: 1,372 backers contributed $200,292 towards a paltry yet specific $34,191 goal.

The unit is a wood-plated metal frame containing a rechargeable battery, a brushless fan, a micro USB with PCBs, and an ice pack. The easy to use product is not only small enough to fit in your hand but it is light enough so that carrying it around with you is far from a chore.

The creators’ ideals are on full display in the advertising copy, which disses the typical air conditioner:

“It is not always possible nor is it healthy to use air conditioners on a daily basis. The high energy consumption makes it a comfortable accessory but excessive use can cause discomfort, such as headache, stiff neck, back pain and respiratory problems. The same goes for the use of fans, by mobilizing the air, you feel a sense of coolness but instead you are stimulating sweat and increasing the risk of dehydration.”

The necessity for this product is more than obvious. With temperatures rising all around the world, affordable air conditioners will go a long way in keeping you cold when the heat is on financially. Keep an eye out for the unit once it hits the market, as the hot weather’s just going to get worse in future years.

H/T Thrillist

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