Gadget Guide to Connecting With Your Pets

August 31, 2016

3:00 pm

As entrepreneurs and office dwellers, we don’t all have the privilege to take our furry friends to work. Worse yet, when we are traveling and away from home, our fur kids are in the hands of someone else. Fortunately, we live in the age of internet of things (IoT), and if someone can connect a gadget or hardware to wifi, it will eventually find its way on the market or crowdfunded.

Thanks to the IoT boom, we can watch, talk to, play, and even treat our furry (perhaps scaly) friends from anywhere with an internet connection. These eight gadgets will allow you to stay connected with your pets, while ensuring they are home safely.

Where To Find Them

StarWalk – $50

Whistle GPS ( Approved) – $80 + $10 subscription

Petcube ( Approved) – $150

Petcube Bites – $150

GoBone – $169

Petzi – $170

PlayDate (Indiegogo) – $170

Canary ( Approved) – $199

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