The Top 3 Sites That Could Land You a Driving Job

With all the novelties brought by the internet, the possibility of getting work online is one of the most amazing. Nowadays, we can work and be paid without having a fixed employer, being paid via new and innovative systems.

There are many career paths available, covering many different areas, such as driving. Nowadays, several companies pay people who drive and perform a certain task. This article focuses on three of them, detailed below.


This one came to everyone’s mind, for sure. One of the world’s biggest companies, Uber completely dominates the rides market, and currently hires a huge number of drivers, with 50,000 more being hired every month. Everyone can apply to become a driver for Uber, and drivers get to pick how many hours they work.

The job is rather easy, just like a cab driver – pick clients from point A and deliver them to point B. Then, the client(s) review you and you review the client(s).

Truck Driving Jobs

If you are a fan of driving big rigs, then this is the site for you. Truck Driving Jobs features thousands of available jobs, a bit throughout the entire country. In addition to the general search, drivers can also limit their search to a specific state.

This site features offers from several popular trucking companies, such as Schneider, Swift or Mercer Transportation. It also has instructions and tips for anyone wanting to begin a trucking career, which might be useful for someone unemployed, or simply looking for a fresh start. Just keep an eye on the rise of automated trucks.


This company is a recent arrival in the United States of America, but is already making an impact. StickerRide, originally from Russia, uses people’s cars as a moving billboard, paying them for that. In short, it applies publicity on cars and pays people for driving around, showing that content for everyone to see.

StickerRide also features a mobile app, which allows drivers to receive rewards according to their performance. In addition, advertisers have access to modern digital tracking tools, real-time campaign management, and analytics.

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