4 Cross-Platform Antivirus Tools You Should Try Right Now

We live in a digital world – unfortunately not a very secure one.

Despite security companies being around for a long time, digital security is still a major concern for businesses and households. The problem is even worsened with the rise of mobile devices. According to surveys, 39 percent of organizations report having downloaded malware through devices connected to their networks.

Whether you’re running a BYOD office or building a smart home, here are four security tools you should consider using.

1. Bitdefender BOX

Anti-virus applications are easy to get for digital devices like smartphones and computers. But if you also have gadgets like smart TVs and gaming consoles that require protection, then you need something more powerful.

The Bitdefender BOX may be small, but it can secure everything that is connected to your network. This includes Wi-Fi thermostats, smart lights, and other IoT devices. It detects known network vulnerabilities – from weak passwords to blacklisted URLs that may contain malware.

Once installed, Bitdefender BOX can provide you with total control over your network. You can use it to locate lost devices, perform OS updates, and secure device connections via VPN (Virtual Private Network).

2. F-Secure Sense

Like Bitdefender BOX, F-Secure Sense also works around a physical device that monitors and protects your local Wi-Fi network. It works by routing all connections through a secure network and scans for any malicious activity.

F-Secure Sense also makes it easy for you to manage every single device through the Sense app. It only takes a few minutes to set everything up. When done, you can keep track of your network’s security status and receive real-time alerts whenever something suspicious occurs.

Lastly, F-Secure Sense makes sure your information stays protected from companies tracking your online behavior. This is essential if you shop online or use internet banking services.

3. Scanguard

A more affordable solution is to use a platform like Scanguard, which will allow you to manage all your security-related concerns in one place. Unlike Bitdefender BOX and F-Secure Sense, it doesn’t require hardware and can be easily installed in all your Windows, Android, and Apple devices.

Scanguard is an all-around security suite that protects against viruses, malware, and other threats that can compromise your family’s privacy. It’s set to have additional security features such as a firewall, VPN, and parental controls in the future.

Aside from cyber security, Scanguard also offers features that can boost the performance of your devices. For example, by automatically detecting duplicate files in your phone or computer, you can easily free up some space and keep your storage in top shape. The platform will also look for errors and applications that have a negative impact on your device’s performance.


ESET multi-device security is another affordable option if you want cross-platform security. Its lineup of products include internet security, antivirus, mobile security, and parental controls. To say the least, the antivirus feature works fast and somewhat reliably. The same goes for its malware-blocking capabilities.

The main advantage of ESET is the availability of free 30-day trials for all paid plans. Take advantage of these to see whether the platform adequately matches your needs at home or in the office. Currently, the products are available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android devices – but not for other IoT appliances. Still, it should be enough to keep your mind at ease.

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