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6 Ways Founders Can Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

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Entrepreneurship has a dark side that is seldom talked about. In that space, you will find founders who show signs of anxiety, burnout, and even depression that strike at different times. Some hit when startups fail to make the 5-year mark. Others arrive alongside…

4 Free Cybersecurity Tools for Startups

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Investing in online security remains a key challenge for startup owners. After all, 71 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses, and those affected go out of business within six months of the attack. Unfortunately, the majority of available solutions cost a lot. On…

5 Tools Startups Need As They Scale

The 5 Tools Startups Need As They Scale

The startup stack is a set of around 200 cloud-based tools that startups use to start and scale. It is the result of a joint survey that Tech City UK and Stripe conducted in 2016. The research also gleaned some insights into how startups…

4 Must-Have Technical Skills for Online Solopreneurs

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Being an online solopreneur is truly commendable. It takes guts to charge into the treacherous world of entrepreneurship, even more so if you plan to face most of the challenges and responsibilities yourself. Fortunately, being shorthanded should no longer be a problem for …

5 Ways Startups Can Secure Their Business Conversations

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Online security is becoming a serious issue in the business world, especially for startups. Many security measures that businesses put up to try and fend off cyber attacks often fail, leaving them open to variety of problems. These measures fail for a number of reasons,…

5 Tools to Help You Find a Cool Office Space

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Today, plenty of startups operate in a remote office to reduce their overhead expenses and lessen the time it takes to get things going. Most, if not all, of them use online collaboration platforms to overcome the distance barrier – allowing employees to work…

4 Ways to Save Money with All-In-One Tools for Startups

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Running out of cash is one of the top reasons why startups fail. That’s why the formula to success isn’t always about profits. To get your company ready for the long haul, you must also implement strategies that will minimize the costs of operations….

3 Things to Ask When Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

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One of the crucial steps when building your store’s website is to choose an ecommerce system your site is going to host. And even if some store owners prefer to have developers creating their own platforms, the reality is that most merchants will chose…

5 Strategies to Grow Your Startup Within a Local Community

These Surefire Strategies Will Put Your Startup on the Local Map

Attracting new customers is priority number one for startups. In this digital era, most marketers will advise you to invest in online strategies, such as running influencer marketing campaigns, using social media, and relying on PPC ads to bring customers to your storefront. …

4 Ways Busy Entrepreneurs Can Automate Their Investment Life

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Building wealth with passive income and having enough time to do the things you love is the entrepreneurial dream. Unfortunately, running a business successfully can be a lot more stressful, time-consuming, and exhausting than having a day job. If you truly want to build…