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6 Ways Founders Can Manage Stress and Avoid Burnout

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Entrepreneurship has a dark side that is seldom talked about. In that space, you will find founders who show signs of anxiety, burnout, and even depression that strike at different times. Some hit when startups fail to make the 5-year mark. Others arrive alongside…

Why Startups Need to Have a Corporate Social Responsibility Focus

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Profit and purpose. They can be polarizing topics even for a tight-knit group of startups founder. There are those who believe that purpose should be at the center of what businesses do. It is integral to profits and growth as Harvard Business School professor…

5 Creativity Tools to Boost Content Marketing for Startups

Why Infographics still Form an Important Part of Content Marketing

Not all content marketing tools are created equal. So when you’re deciding to employ one at your company, you need to make sure to focus on the essentials to avoid getting overwhelmed. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’ve done for you. These gems are a…

3 Tips to Pivot Your Startup Without Falling Apart

3 Tips to Pivot Your Startup Without Falling Apart

Running a business can be a constant struggle. The moment you open your doors, every decision you make from that point forward is critical. You may find pockets of opportunity for growth or suffer a total collapse with a single mistake. The cold hard…

The Biometrics of Tomorrow

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In my previous post, we discovered all of the different biometric uses in the top Sci-Fi movies of all time. While movies and authors will continue to push the boundaries of what could be in the future, back in reality, there are many technological…

18 Science Fiction Movies That Used Biometrics


Decades ago, the concept of facial and voice recognition and retinal scanners was only for the Starship Enterprise. Today biometrics, a term used to refer to metrics related to human characteristics, have become an everyday usage for anyone with an advanced smartphone to …

4 Free Cybersecurity Tools for Startups

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Investing in online security remains a key challenge for startup owners. After all, 71 percent of cyber attacks target small businesses, and those affected go out of business within six months of the attack. Unfortunately, the majority of available solutions cost a lot. On…

6 Influencer Marketing Tools to Boost Your Company’s Online Presence

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For startups that barely have any presence online, the key to getting an audience’s attention is to leverage the reach of influencers. These include bloggers, social media celebrities, actors, or anyone else who can sway the purchase decisions of potential customers. There are …

5 Tools Startups Need As They Scale

The 5 Tools Startups Need As They Scale

The startup stack is a set of around 200 cloud-based tools that startups use to start and scale. It is the result of a joint survey that Tech City UK and Stripe conducted in 2016. The research also gleaned some insights into how startups…

Automate Tasks to Focus on What You Love When Building Your Startup

Growing Startup: Automate Some Tasks and Focus on What You Love

Pop culture often portrays startup entrepreneurs as passionate, tireless, and unstoppable. Meanwhile, in the news, Elon Musk sleeping on Tesla’s factory floor is just a source of amazement as him sending rockets to space. Though these traits sound aspirational, it is good to …

4 Must-Have Technical Skills for Online Solopreneurs

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Being an online solopreneur is truly commendable. It takes guts to charge into the treacherous world of entrepreneurship, even more so if you plan to face most of the challenges and responsibilities yourself. Fortunately, being shorthanded should no longer be a problem for …

Digital Body Language is Changing the Future of Online Ads

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Do companies really know who you are? Does all of the data they track add up to anything that amounts to a meaningful picture of your life, your beliefs, your wants and desires? That is a hard question to answer, but in the world…

3 Reasons Software Abandonment Should Scare Business Owners

3 Reasons Software Abandonment Should Scare Business Owners

Many business owners are drawn to the idea of a new software that promises to solve all their problems. In an endless quest to find a competitive edge by increasing efficiency, companies are constantly signing up for and trying new software products. The issue…

5 Ways Startups Can Secure Their Business Conversations

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Online security is becoming a serious issue in the business world, especially for startups. Many security measures that businesses put up to try and fend off cyber attacks often fail, leaving them open to variety of problems. These measures fail for a number of reasons,…

5 Tools to Help You Find a Cool Office Space

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Today, plenty of startups operate in a remote office to reduce their overhead expenses and lessen the time it takes to get things going. Most, if not all, of them use online collaboration platforms to overcome the distance barrier – allowing employees to work…

4 Ways to Save Money with All-In-One Tools for Startups

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Running out of cash is one of the top reasons why startups fail. That’s why the formula to success isn’t always about profits. To get your company ready for the long haul, you must also implement strategies that will minimize the costs of operations….