5 Best Free Android Apps to Track Your Fitness

Health and fitness is a growing issue in the 21st century, as people’s lifestyles have changed and it is certainly a tough task to find the time and energy for a workout. Motivation to exercise is getting all the more uncommon as people struggle to maintain the balance between work and home and lose track of their health and body fitness in the process. Although a lot of this sluggish and busy life is attributed to the advancement of modern technology, there are several indigenous solutions that can be used to maintain a stable and fit lifestyle. If working out and exercising feels like an errand to you, here are some amazing Android apps that can increase your motivation to stay fit and make working out much more fun.

1. NexTrack: Making Exercise Fun


Your weight loss regime might be perfect according to your work schedule, but the only way to find its effectiveness is by monitoring its results. The NexTrack by Nexercise Apps, Inc. was first launched on a CBS “The Doctors” talk show and has since become one of the best fitness monitoring apps for android. The app turns your daily exercise routines into a game, where you can earn several rewards and stay motivated for a daily workout. It comes with several different exercises and the inbuilt monitor, keeps track of data such as calories burned, heart rate, pulse rate etc. All these functions are great when you want to keep track of how your effective your exercise routines are.

2. Moves


The biggest hurdle to exercise is undermining the need for a workout. ‘Moves’ is a great fitness tracker that is available for both Android and iOS operating devices and lets you monitor your everyday activities. It records your daily activities such as walking, to show how well you can optimize your time by choosing an alternative method such as running and cycling to achieve the same results. It shows the distance you travel and also displays the number of steps you take in a day. The app also displays the calories your body burns according to the distance you have traveled in a day. This not only helps you keep a track on the amount of travelling you do, but can show your daily commute and summarize it into comprehensible data.

3. Google Fit

Google Fit

We’re sure you feel more assured of a product’s functionalities as soon as the name Google gets attached to it. Staying true to this tradition, Google Fit is a new contender in the market but is a one stop solution to monitor your fitness. The app which can be downloaded from Google Play store stays active all day and records all your activity such as walking, cycling and running during the day. Based on this data, the app can help the users create a fitness goal and also receive recommendations to make it more effective. It not only works as a standalone fitness app, but can also integrate with several 3rd party fitness devices to compile all your fitness data in a single place.

4. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Sometimes, one becomes so sluggish that the only reason to get up and start running is when you’re chased by zombies. The indigenous app ‘Zombies, Run!’ puts you in a post-apocalyptic world infested by zombies and you’re one of the last surviving humans who needs to build his base and stockpile supplies. All you need to do is install the free or paid app on your Android device and the mission will be heard through the earphones. You need to run as soon as the zombies start chasing you and you can choose over 200 different missions to keep yourself motivated. You can also download free or paid app for your iPhone from iTunes.

5. Ingress


If you think that playing video games makes you sluggish and turn you into a couch potato, then you certainly haven’t tried Ingress. Ingress is one of the best augmented reality apps (watch this video) that not only makes the world around you a little more interesting, but also help you lose those extra pounds. The android app has already won several awards and was also noted by several health and fitness enthusiasts to take mobile gaming to a whole new level. It’s also available on iOS. The game involves constantly moving around and hack portals that can be viewed by scanning the environment with your android device. You can build alliances and also hack your enemy portals for extra rewards. As this game involves constantly moving around, it provides a nice hike and helps you become more active.

While simply installing these apps will not do much, they can certainly assist you in keep up with your workout regimes. Regular exercise not only keeps your body and metabolism healthy but will also lower the risks of cholesterol, heart diseases and increase your stamina.

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