The 5 Best iPhone Games to Download This Week

Since hundreds of games launch in the App Store each day, for a regular user, it has become an impossible task to spot the right apps to get the job done — or to just kill the time and have some fun. This week’s target for me was to have as much fun as possible in the company of freshly released apps, so I put together a list of the five iPhone games you should check out.



If you frequently visit the App Store’s game section, you may have heard about Touchdown Hero and Must Deliver. These games, developed by Cherrypick Games, have been featured in the App Store. This week, they are back in force with Kosmo, which rides the most recent trend of endless vertical gameplay along with the addictiveness of Flappy Bird. Kosmo, an astronaut who crash-landed on a planet that looks like Earth, will need your help to get back to space. Download [free]



This game, developed by Spry Fox, brings a completely unique experience: you get word games and cute bears in one app that will keep you glued to the iPhone’s screen — especially if you love word games. Download [free]

are you in over your head

Are You In Over Your Head?

This addictive game uses the front-facing camera to put you front and center in the action, so you can watch yourself as you try to avoid obstacles in the ever-spinning circular world. The app includes 21 different levels and 40 different themes, resulting in 840 different combinations of gameplay. It will definitely keep you entertained. Just a side note: the developers behind MiniGamr are husband and wife, and they have an app portfolio of over 15 million downloads. Download [free]

Down the mountain

Down the Mountain

If you are looking for a fast-paced arcade game to keep you “busy” for hours, well, Down the Mountain could be one of the options. It’s a very simple yet challenging game: all you need to do is quickly and safely descend from an infinite mountain, while avoiding obstacles and enemies and grabbing stars and power-ups. Download [free]



The developers behind the company called Days of Wonder have already made a name for themselves with Space Cowboys and Ticket to Ride. Now, they are back with another addictive game: Splendor, where you become a Renaissance merchant with the goal of becoming renowned with the nobility through the collection of gems and cards. Splendor is the official digital adaptation of the best-selling board game with the same name. Download [$6.99]



Image Credit: Flickr/Wilbert de Groot

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