5 SMS Marketing Tools That Will Engage Your Customers

SMS marketing can be a very effective way to engage with customers. However, there are a couple of hurdles that you must overcome, including complying with the CAN-SPAM Act, making sure your messages reach the right recipients, and finding a solution that lets you send 100 or more messages to your subscribers

Finding the right bulk SMS messaging tool, however, is the trickiest part. Fortunately, there are a number of great solutions for you to choose from. Here are some of the best SMS tools that are fully compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Atomic SMS Sender

Atomic SMS Sender is a Windows SMS messaging application. It can do so much for your SMS marketing plan including the ability to create different categories of recipients, setup AtomicSMS very quickly, and easily customize your messages. You can even access it from any system with Windows.

The biggest benefit of Atomic SMS Sender is that it is so easy to setup. If you are new to SMS marketing, you can configure it pretty quickly.

Ultra SMS Script

UltraSMSScript is a highly customizable SMS bulk messaging solution. Some of its unique features include the ability to use keywords to reach customers over any mobile device and run contests to reward your customers.

You can even send birthday texts to your subscribers, create customized messages for new and existing subscribers, and even integrate it with Facebook. You won’t find these features on most other SMS platforms.

Simple Texting

Simple Texting is another great texting service for new SMS marketers. It doesn’t have some of the advanced features that UltraSMSScript and Atomic SMS Sender provide, but it’s very easy to setup.

Simple Texting is also a very affordable solution for brands running small SMS campaigns. You can send up to 1,000 messages for $45 a month.

Zingle Hospitality

Zingle Hospitality is a text messaging service that was designed specifically for the hospitality industry. You have a very intuitive dashboard that stores all of your contact information, engage with your customers in real-time and setup automated responses.

“Our staff and Residents love Zingle. It takes the pressure off of the front desk and makes our lives faster and so much easier!” said Aleksandra Jurisin, the operations manager of Highgrove Luxury Apartments.

You will also have access to detailed analytics reports. You can easily measure the performance of your SMS campaigns. Zingle has worked closely with some of the most popular brands in the hospitality industry, including SubWay, Marriott Hotels, Highgrove Luxury Apartments and the Talbott Hotel.


TellMyCell is a great SMS solution for running promotions. You can share promos through a keyword, which customers can use on your website. It is a very specialized service, but is also very dependable and affordable.

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