How to Improve Mobile App Engagement Through Design

User experiences are crucial to the success of an application. Design something too simple, and you’ll lose out to other groups that can offer more features. Design something too complicated, and most users will delete the app after their first few attempts to use it.

We asked eight entrepreneurs from YEC about what user experience issues or trends designers should consider when creating or revamping their programs.

Develop Conversational Interfaces

Conversational interfaces won’t replace more traditional touch interfaces, but for some types of application, a conversational approach is more natural. Conversational UIs are also a great way integrate your application with platforms users are already familiar with, like Slack, Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

– Vik Patel of Future Hosting

Improve Personalization Options

Consider providing a personalized interface. Whether you’re basing it on purchase history or a user’s attributes (age, gender, interests, etc.), a custom feel can really improve interest and usability. An easy example is font size. Would your older users appreciate larger and more readable font? Most likely. Tailor your app to the specific user, and not just the device.

– Kyle Goguen of Pawstruck


Pay Attention to Small Touches

Small details can make real and unique impacts on both your user experience and your brand. The way an icon animates when the user taps it is an opportunity to display the personality of your app. If a user “likes” something, does the heart fill from bottom to top? Does it fade? Does it explode into smaller hearts? These small touches will have a lasting impression on the user.

– Matthew Weinberg of Vector Media Group

Follow the 80/20 Rule

Mobile apps have less screen real estate, and mobile users have incredibly short attention spans. Find that 20 percent of your message and capabilities that provide the 80 percent of your effectiveness, and then feature them on your mobile app. You want your mobile app to be simple and engaging. If you have features or content that won’t nicely fit in a mobile app, then link out to and host it on your website.

– Kevin Telford of SurfWatch Labs

Focus on Integrations

It’s almost impossible for one app to do everything a user needs. That’s why integrating with complimentary services is critical for any app that strives for user happiness and loyalty. Start by identifying and integrating complementary services that empower your users to do more. The goal is to provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

– Marat Stary of getPartnered

Seek Minimalism

There are many apps out there that boast dozens, if not hundreds, of features. The problem is that the more you add the harder it becomes to navigate the app and find what you’re looking for. Whatever your app does, it should be easy to understand and be intuitive. All extra features should be tucked away under appropriate categories, where users can easily find them.

– Ismael Wrixen of FE International


Use the Right Typography

Typography can make the difference between a great user experience and frustration. Two essential typography tips: don’t make the text too large or too small and don’t use low-contrast text. Both of these tips make your app easier to use, but — perhaps more importantly — they’ll make it more accessible. No one likes squinting at tiny text that doesn’t stand out from the background.

– Justin Blanchard of ServerMania Inc.

Aim for Efficiency

The bar is very high for UX these days. Attention spans are at an all-time low, with most people having an attention span less than that of a gold fish. Design your UX to get them to where they want to go in your app is quickly and efficiently as possible. Don’t create any steps that are not absolutely necessary; you can include them as options later.

– Andy Karuza of FenSens

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