5 Tech Trends Startups Are Adopting In 2017

It’s six months down the road and time to check in on startup that had high hopes when the year began. How many of the trends you’ve read about from earlier in the year have made their way into your operations? How many are you practicing in your organization?

It’s not about checking off as many technology trends, it is about finding useful and valuable trends that align with your goals and strategy for the rest of the year. Here are five trends startups are considering for their operations in 2017.

Blockchain Technology

The Harvard Business Review recommends two low-risk applications of blockchain technology that startups can try. These are using bitcoin as a payment mechanism and blockchain as an internal database. Starting with single-use applications will help your organization develop the skills to adopt more advanced applications, adds the business journal.

Why cryptocurrencies? Foremost, they have the potential to lower transaction costs since they do not require middlemen such as banks. Every Bitcoin exchanged via a peer-to-peer network has a history that is accessible to the public instead. Further, bitcoin and other virtual currencies are already being touted as the currency system of the future economy.

Smart Home Offices

It’s hard to skip the importance of a smart home office for startups with a remote staff. The case is similar for those who are conducting main operations in a shiny commercial office. You cannot deny that the internet of things (IoT) has taken over: security cameras link with each other; mobile devices connect to the printer; and lights detect and activate human movements.

For IoT to become seamless, you need a hardworking router to carry the ever-increasing load. You also need one that does not tie you down to only a few spots at home or in the office. If you haven’t caught up with the router renaissance, it is time you check out your wireless options.

Application Security

If you are a software service provider, set your sights on this particular security trend. Many users now rely on mobile applications. They download them on their smartphones, wearables, smart cars and homes. With a huge volume of data stored in these devices it makes mobile apps attractive to cybercriminals.

Meanwhile, the same cyber threat affects you if you are a startup offering products and services via a mobile app. You need to ramp up security to stay alive, especially at a time people are using apps 90 percent of the time. They only dedicate the remaining 10 percent to lurking in browsers.


What about augmented reality and virtual reality? Sure, they are hot topics in tech hubs these days. But how exactly can you adopt AR/VR applications in that they benefit your business? Marketing is one of the likeliest areas that will gain tremendously from the impact of this technology. With the improvements in display resolution, marketers have the opportunity to create more compelling content for customers.

Plus, headsets and other tools are becoming more affordable. It is only a matter of time before this trend becomes a common sight after mobile took over a few years back.

Productivity Tools

From ergonomic spaces to simple fidget spinners and squeeze balls, the market abounds with tools that promise to boost employee productivity. However, research says that you should focus on being effective in engaging employees rather than buying the next big productivity fad. Consider a tabtop, a hybrid tablet and laptop, which can be used in isolation at the workstation or in meetings at the conference room. Use productivity aids that can keep up with the demands of the time.

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