20 Killer Apps and Websites to Make College Life Easier

Homework, study groups, classes, labs, family, friends, jobs: it’s a wonder how college students get everything done, and still manage to get a couple hours of sleep every night! Productivity, studying, and time management are three areas in which many college students struggle. No wonder, considering the activities many of them are juggling. Some students struggle so much that they eventually fail.

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be true. There are many apps and websites geared towards making students more productive and ultimately more successful. Here are 20 of them:

1. Koofers

This website has several functions. However, for students interested in improving their grades, the most important feature is the ‘practice exams and flash cards’ module. This is where students can study flash cards and take study tests that are based on the textbooks they are using. This is especially useful in classes where back of the chapter questions are always on the exam.

2. Open Study

Study groups are one of the best ways to master a difficult subject. Sadly, they aren’t always available. Open study allows students to form online study groups and participate in a community with the common goal of academic success.

3. Studious

Studious app

It’s always mortifying when a cell phone goes off in the middle of a lecture, isn’t it? Friends are notoriously bad at calling at the wrong time. Download this ‘droid app, and it will never happen again.

4. TrustEssay.com/Blog

Anybody who has ever had an essay or paper they couldn’t finish on time, knows how nerve wracking it can be. The folks at Trust Essays will write, format, revise, and prepare academic papers for submission.

5. Mint

Most college students run into money problems. They can use Mint to organize and track their expenses. This will help them avoid overdraft fees and crushing credit card debt.

6. InstaGrok

Think of a subject. Want to learn everything about it? Head over to InstaGrok to learn the ins and outs of everything from Macroeconomics to black holes. This is an exceptional tool for students who are visual learners.

7. Desmos

This is an excellent, free online graphing calculator. What a perfect find for Liberal Arts students taking their required math class!

8. Banjo

banjo app

Sometimes, all a student needs is a few hours of alone time to study. This is hard to do when friends are always coming around. Banjo alerts the user whenever a friend is near, so they can take evasive action.

9. Go Financial Aid

Online help for complicated FAFSA applications. A must see for students who need to  maximize their financial aid.

10. Life Hack

This is a really neat website full of useful life hacks. There are many lists that college students will find interesting.

11. Any.Do

Allows the user to create daily to do lists in checklist form. It also sends reminders as tasks are coming due.

12. Droid Scan


Users who download this app can use their mobile device as a scanner. This is a great way to take class notes anywhere.

13. Exam Countdown

This simple app allows the user to input dates of upcoming exams and then creates a countdown calendar. Another feature is the ability to associate a task list with each exam date.

14. Share Your Board

Every college student has attempted to snap phone picture of the whiteboard instead of taking notes. The results are usually blurry and difficult to make out. This app allows the user to take the picture without losing important clarity and resolution.

15. Wikipedia

When used correctly, this is a great resource for finding links to original source material. Students should use this as they begin doing general research on a topic.

16. Rescue Time

This is a great app for students who worry about spending too much time on the internet. This neat little piece of software tracks the amount of time the user spends on Facebook, surfing recreational websites, and checking emails. It’s a great way to keep oneself honest.

17. Evernote

The premium app for taking and organizing class and study notes from tablet or smart phone. Students overwhelmingly agree that this is a great tool for students who struggle with taking notes.

18. Ginger Software

Spelling and grammar checkers are a dime a dozen. How many apps or websites actually suggest ways to rephrase awkward sentences and clauses? This one does!

19. Moon + Reader


This free download allows the user to read eBooks online. In addition to this, the user may track his or her progress on the book as a whole and on a chapter level.

20. Dragon Dictation

Students can use their voices instead of their keyboards to write papers, take notes, and organize their thoughts. This is a life saver for hunt and peck typists.

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