Study Reveals Average Person Has 100 Passwords

According to new research from NordPass, the average person has 100 passwords to remember! What's the easy solution?
Jack Turner

All of us, at some point or other, have forgotten a password and needed a reminder. A new study suggests the reason for this could be that we're each juggling a huge 100 passwords across various sites and services.

The study, commissioned by NordPass, found that the average number of passwords has actually increased in the last year, with the global pandemic potentially to blame, as more of us seek out new entertainment and services online.

The best way to manage this centum of passwords is with a password manager – we explain how.

The Rise of the Password

All of us have many passwords to manage on a daily basis – across retail websites, email, social media and other services, we're all too familiar with the sheer wealth of login details that we have to juggle. The latest research from NordPass confirms what we've long suspected, although the huge number of passwords the average person is expected to remember, 100, may still shock some.

According to the research, the number has actually increased 25% in the last year, compared to a similar poll in 2019, which placed the average number of passwords at 70 to 80. One reason for this could be the global pandemic, which has forced many people to use more services online, introducing the necessity to generate new accounts.

Respondents stated that they had downloaded more leisure and productivity apps this year, such as planners and calendars, as well as new work services, as necessitated by the move to working from home for many.

We now partly understand why people use easy-to-guess passwords — they simply have too many to remember. So, it’s hardly surprising that people use either very simple passwords or have a few and reuse them for all accounts – Nord Security Expert

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What Makes a Good Password?

A good password, should, first and foremost, be an original one. It's all too easy to simply use the same password for multiple sites and services – after all, you're more likely to remember it, especially if you're managing the average 100 passwords. However, the obvious danger here is that if one of your accounts is comprised, then they all are. So, remember, create an original password for each service you use.

Another pitfall to be aware of is that many people use similar passwords. According to research, again by NordVPN, lots of us are using very obvious passwords, that are all too simple to crack. Think you're being smart by using a keyboard pattern instead of a word? You're not as genius as you may think.

The list put together by NordPass of the worst passwords of 2019 is shocking- if only because you might recognize some of your own on there! Examples, such as 123456, test1, iloveyou, football, qwerty and q1w2e3r4t5y6, could all be cracked in seconds. It's much better to actually put some time into your password creation and think of something that's genuinely unique, memorable, and robust.

Read our guide on creating a secure password

Should I Use a Password Manager?

Simply put, yes. It's something that we've always preached at, but with this news from Nord about the sheer volume of passwords that we're all struggling to manage, it seems more necessary in 2020 than ever.

The benefits of a password manager are numerous. The most obvious is that they keep all your passwords in one place, and can automatically fill them in for you, without you having to wrack your brain to remember what password you created for your ten year old social media account. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Password managers can also create passwords for you, with the benefit being that they will be strong and secure – more so than if you had created them yourself. Not only that, but some services will actually monitor the web and alert you as soon as your details are comprised through a breach or hack, allowing you to change your password immediately, to mitigate any damage.

Best of all, password managers are not expensive. They amount to a few bucks a month, and for the peace of mind, that's great value. If you're looking to make your online experience more secure, whilst at the same time removing the stress of remembering 100 passwords from your life, check out our password manager recommendations.  

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