The Benefits of Creating a Family Website

This holiday season, there will be ample amount of delicious food, family and photos of all of the festivities. But after the food coma comes the challenge of keeping up with each other’s activities for the remainder of the year.

With so many members dispersed among multiple social media sites, it’s a complete hassle for someone to grab all of the photos, updates and events from all over the internet. Instead, family members are opting to build their own family website where they can have a customized and centralized location where everyone can share their memories and stories with ease.

Benefits of a Family Website

There’s an upside to building a family website for all to see. You don’t have to worry about filtering out the content seen on other social feeds, no one has to log in or create accounts to see the content, and it eliminates the ads and spam found on social networks.

One URL for All

Through the family website, anyone can gain access to the content by simply typing in a customized domain name into their browsers, regardless of the device. This also makes it easier for older members of the family who may not be super social savvy, but want to keep up with the latest news about their granddaughters. Through a website, there’s no need to register to fully participate in the fun.

Add the Features You Want

With a customized website, you can add the features you want that make sense for all. For example, you can add message boards, shared calendars, custom events, blogs or donation buttons for school fundraisers. It’s an easy way to maintain a steady stream of communication for all.  

Historical Archive

With each year, there are more family memories and stories to share. Through a family website, it provides a single destination to maintain a treasured historical archive where members can tell their stories about their living and passing relatives. Some families may opt to build a family tree on their site where members can provide data about their ancestors and provide an outlet to share with the next generation.

Picking a Domain Name

Customizing a domain name is not only your first step, but a key factor. If your name is fairly common, you might have to get creative as the URL with a “.Com” is probably taken. Luckily, families have found that by using the “.US” domain extension, they can grab their family name much easier-this extension simply means, “us as a family,” and can represent all of your members easily.

Finding a way to stay connected with all generations of your family can be easily done through your own .US website. No headaches, no chasing people to get their photos, just one simple location to document family memories.

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