The Best Apps for People Who ‘Just Can’t’

Welcome to 2016, where technology is advanced, responses are immediate, information is readily available…and we are lazy. Now don’t get me wrong – I love lazy. I respect lazy. And I think lazy is highly underrated.

Thanks to current technology I can video call, text, message, call, email, snap, tag, tweet and more, all from a device that fits in my back pocket. But having so much stimulation can be a bit overwhelming, #amirite? The key is finding a balance between staying connected and still exercising the right to be lazy. Not in a “let’s all skip work and watch netflix on the couch for the week” kind of way. I’m talking about taking advantage of the applications at our disposal so we can maximize our energy, time and efforts. When exercising my right to be lazy, I go to these apps:


Shopic is an innovative shopping app that lets you skip the checkout line by purchasing your items directly in the app. Say you only have a few items you want to buy, but the line is 15 people long and the cashier is slow. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So what you do is scan the barcodes of your items and select checkout. Bam, you’re good to go.

Worried about security? Don’t be. Shopic’s payment system lets you securely and safely upload your payment method and purchase on a PCI-approved standard. It’s also free to download and use, so you know that you will only be charged for the purchases that you make.

Oh and did I mention that Shopic keeps you up-to-date on sales, discounts and coupons? Great for parents of screaming children who can’t handle waiting in line, great for anyone in a hurry, and great for lazy peeps like me (who also like to get the bang for their buck), Shopic is an app for Android and iOS that you can’t miss out on.


This one is for all of the art buffs out there. Artbit is really easy, as you all you need to do is snap a work of art within the app and it instantly identifies and provides information about that specific piece. It even gives you audio explanations. No need to research any artworks, Artbit is great for when you’re in a museum, as all of the relevant information is available at your fingertips.

Even better, they have a map that navigates you to nearby exhibits and street art. No need to plan your route – the app does it for you.


A new take on the podcast, ZCast is also great for days when you just can’t be motivated to put on pants and go outside. With broadcasting done entirely from your phone and/or computer, it allows you to communicate and distribute your cast on a large scale. Set up is crazy easy – all you need to do is provide a topic and you’re good to go.

Integrated with Twitter, this app really keeps you connected even on your laziest of days. Don’t feel like chatting? No problem, ZCast makes all casts searchable so you can find a new channel to listen to and even get recommendations based on what your Twitter followers are listening to.

Whether you find yourself in a laid back mood or out and about and suddenly feeling “over it,” let technology assist you in making better use of your time. Gone are the days of waiting in line or abandoning your items due to a long line, of pre-planning, and not staying updated on your deadlines.

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Born and raised in Texas, Kira has settled in Tel Aviv. A chocoholic, outdoor enthusiast and tech junkie, Kira loves writing. You will often find her outdoors with a good book in hand.
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