Best Samsung Products Announced at CES 2019

If you're interested in what technology is going to look like in 2019, the Samsung event at CES 2019 is a great place to

Being one of the most prolific producers of consumer technology in the world has its perks; just ask Samsung. For one, their event at CES elicits so much excitement that it has become the unofficial kick-off event for the entire trade show. And they certainly didn’t disappoint with this year’s batch of tech goodies.

Samsung has been making headline news all year for their ambitious innovations. From bendable smartphone screens to cutting edge TV technology, the South Korea-based conglomerate regularly aims to reinvent their industry rather than simply participate, which makes CES 2019 the perfect place to showcase their new products, including:

New Samsung TVs for 2019

Let’s be honest, Samsung televisions are the top of the mountain for innovative technology, and this press conference showcased the future of the industry. Check out some of the latest advancements announced at CES 2019.


While the need for 8K TVs is still firmly in the future, Samsung prides itself on being (way) ahead of the pack, and the Q900 8K QLED TV is proof. The marvel of picture quality boasts some of the brightest colors, the clearest blacks, and pixel-less clarity that you’d expect from one of the tech leaders of the world.

While 8K content is far from the norm, the Samsung Q900 8K QLED TV is powered by artificial intelligent software that can adjust and improve non-8K content to be more crisp and clear. This is a necessary function for any 8K TV on the market, as 4K hasn’t even taken hold as the standard yet. Price and release date have yet to be announced.

Samsung MicroLED TV75-inch MicroLED 4K TV

Customization wasn’t always something you considered when it came to buying TVs. But now, thanks to Samsung’s MicroLED TVs, deciding exactly how big you want your TV is a matter of preference. These spectacularly clear 75″ displays can be mixed and matched to create gigantic screens or unique configurations depending on what you need them for.

In addition to the stunning colors and blacks of the innovative technology, which Samsung hopes will rival OLED and LCD in the coming years, MicroLED also allows for significantly slimmer devices, with some as thin as 30mm on display at CES 2019. They can only reach 4K resolution currently, but with advancements arising this fast, 8K could be on the horizon.

The (Bigger) Wall

Last year, Samsung put their MicroLED technology to the test with The Wall, a 146-inch monster screen that took up an entire wall. Well, hopefully you’ve upgrade your wall situation, as 2019 is the year Samsung debuted their new wall, a 219-inch behemoth that dwarves pretty much any and every TV we’ve ever seen.

Made up of a few MicroLED displays, this bigger Wall is unimaginably large while maintaining the crisp picture resolution expected of Samsung devices. Sure, you’re going to have to buy a house big enough to fit it on one of your walls, but that’s another discussion for another day.

New Samsung Notebooks for 2019

While TVs typically steal the show for Samsung, their notebooks remain an impressive facet of their consumer plan. And with the lineup they just debuted, you could see Samsung entering the space more competitively in the new year.

Samsung Notebook OdysseySamsung Notebook Odyssey

As they insisted during their press conference, Samsung hasn’t forgotten about gamers. The Notebook Odyssey is meant to compete with the best of the best in this space, although initial reviews have been decidedly up and down. Specs include:

  • 16 GB of RAM
  • 15.6 inch display
  • 256 GB or 1 TB of storage

The unique hinge is the most notable aspect of the Notebook Odyssey, attached at the middle and leaving the sides free and open. With a wide range of ports and available setting presets for different types of games, the Odyssey Like the Notebook 9 Pro, the Odyssey is set to release early this year and no pricing options have been released yet.

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro

Despite Samsung’s less-than-stellar debut in the notebook space, they’re taking another stab at it with the Notebook 9 Pro. This sleek, lightweight premium laptop comes with the metal case and thin bezels required of a top-tier laptop in 2019. Other specs include:

  • 8GB of RAM
  • 13.3 inch 1080p display
  • 256 GB of storage

The Notebook 9 Pro also comes with a stylus, although don’t expect the same seamless device you’ll find with the Microsoft Surface. The Notebook 9 Pro is poised to hit shelves early this year and no pricing options have been released yet.

Samsung Space MonitorSamsung Space Monitor

While desktops have gotten sleeker and sleeker as the years pass by, it’s hard to deny that computers take up the majority of any desk. Samsung, however, doesn’t think this needs to be the case, which is why their Space Monitor is so innovative. By clipping to the back of the desk, you’ll be able to keep your computer out of the way, while still having it front and center.

If you’re looking for a more up close and personal feel though, the Space Monitor can accommodate your needs. With a kickstand-like mechanism, you can slide the monitor closer to make those smaller edits a bit easier. Plus, you can hide your cords within the base, so a tidy workspace will be your number one priority.

New Samsung Robot Companions

Now that we’ve covered some of the more popular consumer technology from Samsung, let’s check out some of the more futuristic aspects of the press conference, specifically the end. The tech giant announced a group of AI-powered robotic helpers that can make life a little bit easier.

Bot Care -Designed to be a digital nurse, Bot Care is designed to keep you healthy by monitoring vital signs like blood pressure and heart rate, keeping track of medication intake, and providing health advice for users. Plus, it’s pretty cute too.

Bot Air -Packaged in a smaller, even cuter body, the Bot Air is designed to monitor air quality in your home. It can detect pollution sources and even improve air quality

Bot Retail – Less of a consumer product, the Bot Retail is designed to help users out in retail stores. With built-in shelves and AI-powered software, it can field customer service questions and help out with payment.

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