Blueair Implements Smart Technology Into Air Purifiers

It's no secret that our air quality continues to suffer as our population and general industry grows, but air purification company, Blueair, wants consumers to take back control of the air they breathe. While that is nearly impossible when you're hustling and bustling around outside short of wearing a gas mask, it is a much more obtainable task inside of your own home or office.

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Smart devices have already infiltrated many aspects of our home lives. From smart televisions, to light bulbs and security, there is really no limit to what inventors and designers are trying to improve in our homes. Air purifiers are just the latest product intended to intelligently monitor homes and offices. Blueair has offered air purifiers in the past, but this latest combo, the Sense+ paired with the Aware monitor, really attempt to take it to the next level. In the words of infomercial legend Ron Popeil, you can literally just “set it and forget it.”

With a number of different shells available, the Sense+ can fit into any number of rooms or office designs. While this is a nice selling point, no one buys an air purifier simply for its looks. It needs be able purify large amounts of air, all while being extremely unassuming and quiet. The Sense+ makes both of these things plausible. Using an advanced HEPASilent filtration process, the unit is capable of filtering 99.97 percent of airborne particles with an airflow that is advertised at up to 70 percent better than similar devices on the market. Even though it would seem that with it moving that much air it would end up being relatively loud, the unit manages to keep all hums and purrs to a minimum, meaning you could use it in your bedroom without fear of it keeping you awake at night.

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Now, onto the Aware. When the Aware air sensor is linked with the Sense+ the smart features of this unit really begin to show. The Aware basically monitors your air quality and reports to you what exactly you're breathing in. Connect both to the Blueair app and you can get a detailed view of different things being monitored, things such as humidity and carbon dioxide levels. You can also use the app to change settings on the Sense+ or enable the bread-and-butter of this dynamic duo: Auto mode. Auto mode allows you to stop worrying about fan strength and the like and simply enjoy cleaner air. The Aware monitors the air quality and relays this information to the Sense+ where it will then make the appropriate adjustments.

All of this does not come cheap however, and price point for the pair is a little steep. But if automated, clean air is something you desire or you find yourself suffering from things like dust allergies and asthma, then the Sense+ might be the perfect option. Its major selling point really comes down to how efficiently and quietly the duo can manage your air quality while you continue on with your life. If, however, you're just looking for one for your basement, then there are cheaper options on the market that will do just fine.

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