10 Lesser-Known Content Promotion Platforms to Boost Reach

Simply writing high-quality content does no good for your business. It needs to get in front of your targeted audience. So, once you have hit the publish button on your blog, your next step must be to promote your content on relevant platforms.

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter – marketers undoubtedly use these popular social platforms to promote their content. Since people are using these social platforms to maintain their personal social contacts, it gets tough for marketers to gain a position on a follower’s social feed. This makes it vital for marketers to look for platforms that help them get noticed and gain significant traffic for their website.

Here I have pinned down few lesser-known but highly effective platforms which can help you increase qualified traffic to your blog:

1. BizSugar

BizSugar is a niche social platform for small businesses. Community of entrepreneurs and small business owners use this platform for social sharing, bookmarking and collaborating.

Content that gets submitted on this site goes through moderation process and only high quality content gets approved. Users can vote (‘sugar’) for their favorite articles. The blog post that manages to gain sufficient sugars is published on the homepage.

It is an effective platform to promote your content and drive qualified traffic back to your business website.

 2. Pingler

Pingler is a free tool that lets you manually ping your articles to an exclusive list of ping resources. This will let search engine spiders crawl your article and rank it higher on search engines. Ranking high on SERPs will help you gain maximum exposure for your content.

For a paid subscription all the URLs of your blog will be automatically pinged daily.

3. Klinkk

It is considered to be one of the best blogging communities for getting targeted blog traffic. Once registered, this platform allows you to promote your content, vote on any blogger’s article that you find interesting and even save favorite articles to your profile.  Just like search engines, if your article gets featured on the first page on this platform, expect to see large amount of traffic on your blog.

Apart from content promotion, this platform lets you build connections with like-minded bloggers.

4. GrowthHacker

This is one of my favorite promotional platforms. It is a community of growth professionals. On posting high-quality articles, questions and comments on this platform, you will get attention of large number of people. But at the same time, if your content is of poor quality, your submissions will be removed or not approved.

Community members can like or dislike your article in the form of upvote and downvote. On being overly self-promotional expect your account to be disabled permanently without any prior warning.

5. Triberr

Triberr is an incredible platform for increasing targeted web traffic to your blog. It basically is an influencer marketing platform for bloggers and marketers to create targeted tribes for reading and sharing content that interests them.

An article promoted on this platform is integrated with social media plugins which allows members to directly share any article they like with their social friends or followers. Be active in your tribes by commenting on fellow member’s Triberr posts to increase visibility.

6. Viral Content Bee

As the name suggests, Viral Content Bee is a platform that can make your blog post go viral. Initially christened Viral Content Buzz, this is an excellent platform for content and social media marketers.

This platform helps your blog post gets in front of established social media accounts which have religious following. A content marketer can thus get maximum exposure and social signals for his content. Furthermore, Google loves these social signals and high organic ranking will convert into more eyeballs for your content.

7. Social Buzz Club

Social Buzz Club has the potential to bring thousands of visitors to your blog.

Unlike all other platforms listed here, Social Buzz Club has developed an innovative policy for sharing content. It works on a point system. A social networker cannot simply start sharing content by joining this community. Members need to share others content and gain valuable points. On gaining sufficient points, this platform lets you share your content which will help you drive traffic to your blog.

8. Ello

Ello is a dedicated social platform for artists and designers. Creative people share their content on this publishing platform to build audience and visibility. On this platform an artist can receive constructive feedback from designer community which can help them grow.

Moreover, this platform offers active collaboration opportunities to designers with a community of artists from all over the world. This platform is especially for people into art, fashion or food.

9. DoSplash

DoSplash is a platform that lets you promote your post with the community and create a buzz for it. DoSplash works like groups on LinkedIn. It lets you post snippets of your article with link to the main article. Fellow members can upvote or downvote on your articles.

Currently there is less number of active users on this platform, but if your article manages to get featured on the front page, you’ll see a good traffic coming to your website.

10. Sniply

Sniply founders came up with a novel idea to help digital marketers grab eyeballs for their website. Sniply allows you to share any article (even if it belongs to another blogger) with a message and a call-to-action button linking back to your website.

After getting the three needed components – page, message and CTA — Sniply gives a unique link. Share this link which is embedded with your message and CTA (link back to your website) to boost web traffic.

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Ankit Thakor is a Digital Marketing Specialist at OpenXcell. Though marketer by profession, he often loves to translate his top ideas and thoughts into words. You can find his articles on some of the leading web publications of the world.
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