How Domain Names Can Impact Customer Engagement

When it comes to branding, picking the ultimate online name can be a challenge. If your domain name doesn’t explain what you’re offering or is hard to understand, customers will give up searching for you. We asked two founders about the process of choosing their domain names and how a premium top level domain has helped achieve branding goals.

Elisabeth Freymann, editor on behalf of Blumberry, TUI’s project agency for Travel.ME said that deciding on a domain name is just the beginning of your branding strategy.

“Finding a fitting domain is the first step – and a very significant one – in designing an online presence, which will then evolve into an intense and exciting process involving many protagonists,” Freymann said.

Customers Understand What They Are Buying

Shane Walker, CEO and cofounder of ME.ME, a funny meme and meme generator site, said the main factor for choosing his domain name was to help the customer understand exactly what they are buying.

“When we say our name, you know exactly how to spell it and get there and you know exactly what you are getting into – memes. Coming from our last brand which was ‘’ I had to explain the company each time, but with ME.ME, people know you are taking your brand seriously,” Walker said.

Save on Marketing Expenses

Launching a brand name is one thing, executing a marketing campaign is another, and getting your name out in the marketplace can get pricy. By choosing a domain name that gives the customer insight to your company’s products or services, you can save some marketing dollars in the long run.

“The ability to know exactly what we are about without having to explain what the company does means you’re in it for the long term. Just by saying our name, you know what we are about-memes. It has saved us marketing expenses in more ways than I can quantify. We don’t need all the ad copy and content to explain our name, ME.ME gets right to the point.

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Personalization Matters

For Freymann, choosing travel.ME helped explain the company’s focus and the top level domain of “.ME” indicates a personalized and inspirational experience.

“The ‘me’ in Travel.ME is connected to the experience of traveling – which is very much an individual as well as a universal phenomenon,” she said.

Supports Your Culture

When choosing a premium top level domain like .ME, it can communicate to customers that you’re taking your brand seriously, hyper focusing on your specialty and establishing a culture around your business.

“Travel.ME is a dynamic and social content hub. So using the .ME domain name is directly connected to our philosophy of creating a community. We are sure that this fact will affect our platform’s traffic,” Freymann said.

Picking the right name for your company is critical to customer engagement. Walker’s advice for companies:

“If you can work your brand closely into your domain name and spelling, it can be memorable and customers will know exactly what they are getting when they see the domain.”

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