5 Email Marketing Platforms for Higher Conversion Rates in 2017

Right now, the ROI of email marketing is huge. In fact, email marketing prompts order values three times as high as those produced by social media. With so many email marketing platforms out there, it can be tough to decide which one fits.

Today, we’re here to break down the top five email marketing platforms and help you choose which is right for your needs.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor serves more than 200,000 businesses around the globe, including the likes of Unicef, Jaybird, BuzzFeed, Apartment Therapy, and many more. Their primary strength is personalized email campaigns, which are easy to create by offering a simple, drag-and-drop editor and mobile previews.

Aside from the personalization aspect, Campaign Monitor also excels with dynamic content and automation, two very important traits of a successful campaign. This gives marketers the capabilities to create custom customer journeys that are specific to what’s unique to each subscriber.

One perk of using Campaign Monitor is their award winning customer support that’s available 24/7 to troubleshoot problems. Beyond just providing technical support, Campaign Monitor has a team of email marketing experts to help customers generate the highest possible ROI using industry best practices.

This helps explain why they are the highest-rated email marketing software vendor when it comes to customer satisfaction.



MyEmma offers all the standard benefits of a great email marketing tool: customization, personalization, and automation. Marketers can create targeted email campaigns, follow-up with customers after they make a purchase or abandon a shopping cart, and deliver relevant, targeted content to site visitors.

MyEmma has also become very popular with gym owners because it integrates with MINDBODY. This allows the software to sync customer data and indexes from MINDBODY right to Emma, so sending targeted, personalized messages is much simpler.


GetResponse is a multi-faceted platform that can you do everything from help with landing pages to put on webinars. When it comes to email marketing, it offers drag-and-drop editing, autoresponders, advanced analytics, A/B testing, and email forms

GetResponse has focused on integrating landing pages with their email marketing platform making it a great tool for lead capture campaigns.


MailChimp is one of the largest email marketing platforms on the planet serving over 15 million people. While it’s one of the largest, the platform leaves a lot to desire when it comes to more advanced features like easily creating customer journeys, dynamic content, and automation. MailChimp does however offers drag-and-drop editing and template database usage.

Their platform is ideal for anyone who wants simple email marketing like delivering newsletters or addressing cart abandonment.



SendGrid is a technical platform that offers simple API integration, comprehensive email marketing services, transactional capabilities, custom authentication email certificates, and IP address reputation scoring.

SendGrid also features simple newsletter and email campaign tools, and an equally user-friendly interface. SendGrid’s specialty is that it places a focus on retention emails. These emails allow marketers to make connections with at-risk users, boost engagement and retention, and help build relationships.

Finding the Best Email Tool for You

At the end of the day, determining which tool is best for you depends on your preferences. If you’re a professional email marketer, you’ll want to work with a tool that makes it simple to personalize and automate your campaigns. If you’re a new marketer looking to break into email marketing, it will be wise to find a platform that offers comprehensive customer support, since this will streamline the process and make it easier for you to enjoy the benefits.

The important thing is that you don’t put off the decision. Email marketing is an extremely effective way to create customers. If you’re not making the most out of it, you’re losing to competitors who are.

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