The 4 Essential Traits of an Entrepreneur

In the early 21st century there is one topic that is hotter than any other. What makes a great entrepreneur? Unfortunately this question is quite abstract and depends much on interpretation of what a entrepreneur is or what you can count as a success. However, most people will agree, the thing that is needed most in order to succeed in anything (business not excluded), is a winning personality. Here are some things that I believe necessary in order to become a successful (and therefore great) entrepreneur.


Even though it is most often advised to restrain yourself from risky moves and only play safe, sometimes this is simply not an option. When you decide to start a company, it is time to make bold decisions. This requires a highly developed sense of intuition and a great amount of courage. More often than not, your entire livelihood will be on the line which can make this decision even riskier. However when the going gets tough, the tough get going and it is precisely for this reason that courage is one of essential traits needed for success.


As mentioned, the road to success is a bumpy ride. This is why you need something to keep you constantly on track. Most people find that ambition is often the most efficient fuel there is. When it comes down to it, there is nothing that can beat intrinsic motivation. Just keep reminding yourself what your goal actually is, and why you are so determined to achieve it. Dream big and settle for no less. Perfection may be impossible to achieve, but by reaching high, you can at least achieve excellence.


Proper leadership can simply do miracles for a business or endeavor of any kind. The right leader at the right place can make all the necessary difference. There are many factors that make a great leader but one thing is universal: a true leader is never born; a true leader is always made. This is why it might be a great idea for you to enlist in a leadership training course, or find great mentors, granting your business a competitive edge.

Team Organization

Last but not the least, a great entrepreneur knows how to create a compatible team which gets the job done. Building a team is more of an art than it is an exact science. What you need to find are people who have different sets of skills but can work well together and trust each other. This task is one of the hardest in any line of work but it is perhaps the most important.

In the end, succeeding in business is not that different from succeeding in life. All you need is to have courage, ambition and enough wits to figure your way around. However the most important thing is that you surround yourself with the right people and lead them to battle armed with confidence, a unified mission, and trust.

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