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How to Reduce the Time Suck of Marketing Tasks

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According to HubSpot’s study, the average marketing professionals burns around 16 hours per week on mind-numbing, trivial work, such as data gathering, sending emails, etc. Having in mind that the average person works 45 hours per week in this industry, that would mean that…

5 Tricks to Encourage Innovation at Your Startup


If you want to become a great entrepreneur, you should keep in mind that the accumulation of resources is only a means of achieving your goals and not the goal itself. That being said, the fact that your methods of doing business are currently…

4 Magical Tricks That Will Not Save Your Startup

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If there is one thing all startup founders, employees, and investors agree on about the startup world, it’s that it’s a harsh one. In other words, a startup has to do almost everything right if it hopes to survive and reach the kind of stability…

3 Old School Marketing Strategies for Your Startup


The startup world is filled with innovation. From creative business practices to unique products, new is always better when it comes to entrepreneurship. And while innovation is spurred by new ideas, old-school marketing strategies are still just as effective as they were back …

Why WordPress Is More Than Just a Blogging Platform

Why WordPress Is More Than Just a Blogging Platform

Most would agree that WordPress is one of the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management systems there are. It is also an open source project, which means that its original code is freely available to be modified at wish. However, above…

The 4 Essential Traits of an Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Cheat Sheet

In the early 21st century there is one topic that is hotter than any other. What makes a great entrepreneur? Unfortunately this question is quite abstract and depends much on interpretation of what a entrepreneur is or what you can count as a success….

The Growing Movement Towards Green Printing

The Growing Movement Towards Green Printing

The many who opt for paperless offices find out that it is similar to trying to go for a paperless bathroom. Even in a digital age, printed material is still vital for the daily operations of many companies, but ingredients such as lead, silver,…

Netflix Paved the Way for Cord-Cutting Streaming Services

Watching Netflix in Virtual Reality is Now a Thing

Netflix started as a DVD-by-mail company in 1998, with only 30 employees and traditional pay-per-rental model. Over time, it managed to record nice profits, develop a personalized recommendation system and employ a monthly subscription. By the time Netflix delivered its …

Is This Image Legal? What Bloggers Need to Know About Copyright

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The Internet is becoming an increasingly visual medium, with numerous eye candies floating around the immense cyber ocean. They are employed to spark attention, attract readers, improve the online visibility and drive increased level of traffic. Alas, bloggers, webmasters, and …

Skills Versatility is Essential in Today’s Job Market

Skills Versatility is Essential in Today's Job Market

If you are currently looking for a job, the chances are you do not know your competition and what you might be facing at an interview: you cannot be sure how many people are aiming at the same position and what their qualifications are,…

These 5 Startups Will Skyrocket in 2016


Even though some people believe that the modern business ecosystem is over-saturated, this is not the case with those bright-minded few. It is the fact that new startups emerge on a daily basis, with the potential to change the shape of the known business world. Not only…

SEO Wars: A New Hope

Looking from a distance, the internet is an immense galaxy full of confronting fleets, hidden treasures, raiding pirates, and treacherous adventures. Right in the center of it, an SEO flagship seems to be moving into position to exchange fire with the Google’s mother ship. …