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The 4 Essential Traits of an Entrepreneur

In the early 21st century there is one topic that is hotter than any other. What makes a great entrepreneur? Unfortunately this question is quite abstract and depends much on interpretation of what a entrepreneur is or what you can count as a success....


The Growing Movement Towards Green Printing

The many who opt for paperless offices find out that it is similar to trying to go for a paperless bathroom. Even in a digital age, printed material is still vital for the daily operations of many companies, but ingredients such as lead, silver,...


These 5 Startups Will Skyrocket in 2016

Even though some people believe that the modern business ecosystem is over-saturated, this is not the case with those bright-minded few. It is the fact that new startups emerge on a daily basis, with the potential to change the shape of the known business world. Not only...