7 Entry-Level AI Jobs That Don’t Need Any Qualifications

The job market is changing, with the addition of AI roles that can be quite lucrative, even without technical qualifications.

Artificial intelligence has become a big part of the business world over the last year, which means that career boards across the world are filled with AI jobs ripe for the taking.

However, these AI roles might seem a bit daunting to those without a computer science degree — or any degree for that matter — because of the technical nature of the technology. Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about.

In this guide, you’ll learn about all the potential AI roles out there that require no qualifications, so you can start your job search today.

Best AI Jobs That Don’t Need Qualifications

Below, we’ve outlined some of the best AI jobs that don’t need qualifications, as well as what kind of skills are ideal for the role and the expected salary range for applicants.

  1. AI Policy Specialist
  2. Social Media Strategist
  3. AI Learning Specialist
  4. Project Manager
  5. AI Writer/Editor
  6. Prompt Engineers
  7. AI Researcher

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1. AI Policy Specialist

While AI is still in the wild west stage of development and regulation, meaningful policy is inevitable, particularly given the serious concerns that have arisen over the last year. From copyright infringement to outright harassment, these AI tools are going to need to be reined in by lawmakers across the world.

Subsequently, AI policy specialists are going to be in high demand soon. This role involves developing AI policy for a particular business or ensuring that a businesses are in compliance with new and current regulations that focus on the technology in question.

Ideal skills: AI Policy Specialists need to be well-versed in policy and the legislative process, as well as having excellent writing and communication skills. It would also help to have at least a basic understanding of AI terminology, but not technical skills should be required.

Salary range: $118k-$145k per year

2. Social Media Strategist

AI has found its way into a wide range of business processes in the last year, with content creation becoming a primary functionality of the burgeoning technology. As a result, platforms like ChatGPT and Google Bard have become incredibly helpful in developing social media content and strategy for businesses around the world.

This means that the social media strategist role has become an AI job, making it easier to focus on big picture strategy rather than specific content creation. You’ll also be able to get more actionable data and insights from reporting, thanks to AI tools being used by social media platforms to track engagement.

Ideal skills: A social media strategy will still have to be quite adept at social media engagement and content creation, as AI will need to be properly prompted to get it right.

Salary range: $57k-70k per year

3. AI Learning Specialist

Because AI has become so popular across the business world, more and more employees are being trained on how to utilize the groundbreaking technology in their roles. This means that learning materials focused on AI have become more necessary than ever for businesses trying to keep up.

That’s where an AI learning specialist comes in. These professionals develop the training tools and content necessary for employees to understand exactly how to take advantage of AI to improve productivity as much as possible.

Ideal skills: An AI learning specialists will need excellent writing and communication skills and an eye for educational methodology for adults. Some familiarity with AI capabilities and features will be helpful, but not entirely necessary.

Salary range: $40-50 per hour

4. Project Manager

Project manager is a common role at most companies, with the job being used a managerial role designed to keep track of business goals, employee progress, and general productivity across a particular project.

Subsequently, with so many AI projects in the works at businesses around the world, project manager has become a vital role in rolling out AI tools for your team. You’ll be tasked with managing all aspects of project functionality, including key measurables, performance indicators, progress reports, and everything in between.

Ideal skills: Leadership and managerial skills will obviously be a must for a project manager role, as well as problem solving, critical thinking, and team and time management skills.

Salary range: $95k-$120k per year

5. AI Writer/Editor

Given ChatGPT became so popular from its effective content generation prowess, it’s safe to assume that many businesses are using it to writer and edit content for their business. Content generation platforms powered by AI are far from perfect, though, which is why an AI writer/editor has become such a common role.

The reality is that AI tools still experience a lot of mistakes — or AI hallucinations — and an AI writer/editor would be tasked with ensuring that content written by AI is fully up to snuff in regard to spelling errors and misinformation.

Ideal skills: This role will obviously require excellent writing and editing skills, as well as some fact-checking and research skills to keep misinformation at an absolute minimum.

Salary range: $20-25 per hour

6. Prompt Engineer

If you’ve had a chance to use AI tools like ChatGPT, you know that the use of prompts is arguably the most important factor to get right. After all, an effective prompt can be the difference between a well-written, on-brand piece of content and a poorly worded, misinformation-laden paragraph that will get you all fired.

As a prompt engineer, you’ll be sure that the former is prioritized over the latter. You’ll work across the departments of your business to create, develop, and manage a selection of prompts and follow-ups that can help you get the most out of AI tools for your team.

Ideal skills: Familiarity with AI platforms is key here, although the technical aspects aren’t as important as the actual functionality and content-focused inputs of the technology.

Salary range: $100k-150k per year

7. AI Researcher

As with any new technology, AI is always evolving, with new tools, iterations, and functionalities rolling out on what feels like a daily basis. Subsequently, businesses need someone on their team that can research these changes to stay up to date on the technology.

If you need a role with no AI qualifications, there are plenty of non-technical AI researchers that focus on other aspects of the tech, like the societal, economic, and ethical factors of AI on your business. These kinds of roles exist at companies across the industry spectrum, so you should be able to find something that fits your niche.

Ideal skills: As you can imagine, research skills will be key for this role, as you will be forced to stay informed on AI and its many impacts at all times. Additionally, you’ll need communication and presentation skills to inform your team of your gleaned research.

Salary range: $150k-250k per year

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