FanStitch and LemonStand Partner in Sharing Economy for Sports Fans

I’d like to introduce you to two companies that recently partnered to bring even more value to their ventures and to the sharing economy.

FanStitch is a sports jersey rental company where people can rent jerseys for way cheaper than it costs to buy one. It’s the perfect solution for the fair weather fan, tourist, or newcomer who isn’t quite ready to commit to their new home team. They have recently struck a partnership with LemonStand is an ecommerce platform that helps companies create beautiful, and unique ecommerce websites.

The two companies are harmoniously working together to create a user-friendly experience that will keep fans coming back whenever a new player is traded or a team changes their shade of green. When the traditional option is to spend anywhere from $100-250 to buy a new jersey, FanStitch offers monthly subscriptions of $29.99 per month for unlimited jersey rentals, or $19.99 for individual rentals. However, if a fan really wants to buy instead of rent, FanStitch offers that option too.

“LemonStand’s unique support for both standard online retail sales and subscription offerings along with its design freedom provided the best mix of turnkey capabilities and customization flexibility for FanStitch’s unique model,” says Stephen Lee, Co-founder of FanStitch in a statement.

LemonStand’s platform allows for a wide degree of flexibility and customization in creating ecommerce sites. They also allow for customized checkouts which makes transactions more seamless, as opposed to being bounced to a third party site for processing. Their resources for developers offer everything from API’s to theme documentation.

Collaborative consumption, or the sharing economy, has turned into a global business. Uber is the obvious breakout star in car sharing, but there have been successes (and failures) of this model in many verticals including fashion, cooking, and even moving.  Or if you’re a platform like LemonStand, you can partner up with a FanStitch to get in the game (pun partially intended).

So what if your business wasn’t initially built for the sharing economy, but you don’t want to miss out on this successful trend?  No worries, you have options. Here, we’ll even provide you with some ways to adapt.


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