Tantiv4 Introduces Universal Smart Button Remote To Simplify Your Life

There are so many daily tasks and obligations in our lives that can fill our head make us easily distracted. From buying our weekly groceries and remembering to turn the lights off before we leave to making coffee and turning on the security alarm, it’s these trivial things that can really make life more complex and costly if we aren’t able to organize and prioritize them into a daily routine.

But what if those tasks could be simplified down to a push of a button? You wake up, the coffee is already being made, your grocery list is immediately compiled, all of the lights are on, and your Lyft is already scheduled to be on its way to take you to work. And you only had to take a few steps out of bed to make it all happen. It’s a fantasy that’s about to become reality.

Introducing FetchitGO by Tantiv4, the universal remote for a simpler life. This striking piece of technology is a stationary remote control that is malleable enough to be able to connect with and control almost any piece of technology in your household. It doesn’t end there: FetchitGO connects with your smartphone and opens the possibility for you to control your apps from it and set reminders for yourself to get your chores done.

The biggest things FetchitGO can accomplish includes controlling the thermostat, controlling lights, finding your lost phone, medicine reminders, playing music and buying groceries. But the beauty of this technology is that you can program it to do almost anything. You are truly making it your own.

The best part, you don’t have to be a tech geek to get the hang of FetchitGO, and that’s what the creators intended. FetchitGO is meant to be accessible to the everyday person who wants to keep their life organized so they can stay ahead of the game. Tantiv4 has a series of tutorials to get your FetchitGo off the ground and integrated into your life. It can also be a lifesaver for those who don’t necessarily use a smartphone. For senior citizens, they could press a button on their wall and connect directly to their grandkids. And we all need a little more time with grandma, right?

Tantiv4 launched a Kickstarter page for the smart remote a few months ago, has over 300 backers and raised $50,000 with time to spare. They are using the extra time to raise more money to integrate FetchitGO compatible with more technology, like Openhab 2 in a DIY SD card image. The company estimates delivery of FetchitGo in June 2017.

Tantiv4 is always seeking out tech companies to partner with to make FetchitGO even more universal. As of now, some of their partners include Spotify, Logitech, Nest, Lifx and Hue. As soon as FetchitGO starts breaking into the market, it can only be expected that there will be many more.

The FetchitGO team, Tantiv4, is a mix of industry veterans and young designers who really know their stuff. Lokesh Johri, CEO, leads the team. He’s an expert on team leadership, has experience in software development and successfully sold a previous startup. Swaroop Adusumilli, COO, has been in systems silicon design and has designed numerous chips for USB hubs, networking, security and microprocessors. Neeraj Chauhan, marketing advisor and Tantiv4 board member, is the CEO of Obi phones and has led a one billion dollar distribution company. Sukwon Park is the design manager and responsible for the aesthetics of the products.

Most of us need to be a little more organized in our life.

You can back their Kickstarter and preorder one here.

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