Field Engineer: On-Demand Marketplace for Freelance Engineers

The freelance economy continues to stay on the rise and grow exponentially from year to year, which means more market segments are becoming more comfortable with hiring freelance contractors over in-house employees or agencies. Telecom and engineering seems to be the next market ready for the freelance disruption.

More Data Results in More Opportunities

Today we are living in an interconnected world. Billions of devices supported by hundreds of millions of wired data connections. Remarkably, ever smaller, faster, and more affordable devices have reinvented not just how we do what we do, but where and when we do what we do. Individuals and businesses increasingly depend upon them.

Here rises another issue – the capacity to manage and support the new smart environments, IoT powerhouses, and multiple data streams. Obviously, as a business you require a talented engineer for the job. However, finding and hiring one is often a notoriously long, expensive and complicated process.

That’s exactly where Field Engineer decided to step in – an innovative digital marketplace for hiring talented engineers on-demand.

“We say it’s about time things changed in the telecom workforce. The question is: what do you say? Our Online Field Engineer Marketplace platform gives employers the flexibility to court the perfect engineer for the job anytime and anywhere with Internet connection. Companies can outsource jobs at a fraction of the cost and without the demand of full-time employment. For independent engineers, we provide the ability to choose projects that work with their schedules and at their desired rates of pay. In short, we provide them with freedom,” – says Malik Zakaria, founder of Field Engineer.

How Field Engineer Works

So, how do things work within the new marketplace? Whether you are a buyer or a contractor, you’ll need to register a respective account first and add all the required data along with your payment method.

If you are an engineer, you are required to pass a background-screening test to verify the information you have provided for your account. Once you’ve passed, you can start applying for jobs and receive direct invitations from the potential clients.

The platform features a secure payment escrow system and holds the funds while the job is in progress. Afterwards, you just invoice the client and receive your payment. Should there be any disputes, the platform will investigate it on your behalf and chase down the outstanding invoices.

The other great benefits include:

  • You get paid to just be online and login regularly even if you don’t receive any job requests.
  • You have an option to accept/reject any job heading your way and adjust your work schedule up to your liking.
  • For on-site jobs, FE allows you to track the exact customer’s location and suggests how to get there.
  • The platform has a rating system, which allows you to collect customer testimonials and leave reviews yourself on the client.

If freelancing seemed like a non-viable option for field engineers, this marketplace may become a serious game changer.

From the client’s standpoint you can expect the following benefits, apart from the minimized labor and respective overhead costs:

  • You can book a professional in just 3 simple steps.
  • No need to pay the fees of the middle vendors (a.k.a. agencies)
  • Whether you have an emergency or just need a one off job to be done fast, Field Engineer promises to bring the best talent right to your door step anywhere, anytime as the tagline goes.

Launched back in September 2015 in New York City, the platform is now actively seeking global expansion and plans to target both the domestic and international markets, including those of Europe, Asia and Oceania. As long as you pass the background qualification screening, you are eligible to register and start working at this marketplace.

As the project team says: “We are aiming to create a win-win situation – Field Engineer handles the back-office processes; businesses hire efficiently and engineers get paid faster”

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