7 Free SEO Tools to Powercharge Your SEO Campaign

Every business is actively and obsessively participating in the race to generate traffic, get listed in top ranking in the search engine’s results and in overall drive business to success. This will involve the use of tools that are employed in the seamless and top notch search engine optimization services. You might be looking out for tools that are absolutely free of cost. But then with heaps of such tools available on the internet, it becomes imperative to select only those that are really beneficial to drive your business. Not just for the sake of using tools you are using them.

You should always keep in mind that employing tools are necessary only when they are needed. Say, for example, the most important things to consider while performing SEO is writing quality content and according to Google, it is the most important aspect apart from linking. Every writer should be able to know how to write a blog. That’s the key to a flawless SEO approach.

Here is the list of the most preferred tools that can give a power charge your SEO:

Keyword Planner

It is the best way to research your keywords. This AdWords tool has enabled every person to strategize the search and content marketing campaigns by blending the functionality involved in Traffic Estimator and Keyword Tool. With the help of this tool, you can effectively and efficiently.

Google Analytics

Well, it is free for all online marketers. Utilise it as much as you can because it is this Google Analytics that is indispensable for everybody doing search engine optimization. Even now if you have never used it or didn’t get hold of it, then it is high time you do it already. There is nothing comparable to Google analytics as it makes available to you the crisp and detailed information about something that bears the top- grade content.

Google Search Consoles

Previously it was known as Webmaster is essential to energise your SEO. It is very important just like the Google Analytics tool. It mainly focuses on working and improving the areas of “optimization” and “search”. With the help of Webmaster of Google, you will be able to check the status and how healthy your website is in terms of any kind of issues the search engine detects. It also helps in understanding how users are reaching to your site and in what areas you can work to increase traffic after this. Apart from these two, the Google webmaster is great for optimizing your website in a better way in order to be best represented on the search engine result page.

Google Trends

It is a web facility provided to all by Google. With Google trends, one is able to compare the search volume between the terms. It also helps in searching how the new trends introduced can assist in depicting the influence on the popularity of search queries. Google Hot Trends helps in listing the top 20 search queries that are rising fast in comparison to all the other searches.


This tool helps you to take a look and utilise the appropriate and the right stuff whenever needed. As you see the toolbar of your browser, there is the MozBar. It helps you in making the report instantly as you visit a website. MozBar can be spotted at the bottom, side or even at the top of the window you are browsing at that particular moment.

Bing Webmaster

Microsoft has provided its users with a free tool for the search engine Bing. With this, Bing Index crawler lets all the webmasters add their websites to it. In addition, the webmasters will also be able to resolve the issues of their website’s indexing and crawling. With the Bing webmaster, they will have the ability to troubleshoot tools for submission and ping, statistics of the websites, content submission consolidation, and everything related to the new content. It also includes the community resources.

Website Auditor

The SEO Power Suite has enabled the use of four tools and website auditor stands one of them. Website Auditor is a tool for on-page optimization. The on-site search engine optimization of any website is necessary to get your website in the top ten ranking of the search engine’s page. Website Auditor is perfect to be used when in situations you want to know the areas in which Google can penalize you. The red flags are displayed by this tool and you can take action accordingly.

So, make the most out of these tools, because No SEO means No Traffic!

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AJ Agrawal is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. He is the CEO and Co-Founder at Alumnify Inc.
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