Fully Remote Jobs at Apple You Can Apply for in March 2024

The iPhone maker is hiring for a wide range of positions that let you work from home, and you can apply for them today.

Want to work for a prestigious tech firm while still maintaining your schedule flexibility? Well, we’ve got good news for you, as Apple is hiring a wide variety of remote work positions that will have you working in your PJs in no time.

Remote work has remained a popular employee perk since taking off during the pandemic. While the overall numbers have understandably dropped given the increase in return-to-office mandates, many businesses are still offering the option to work from home. You just have to be willing to look.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the remote work positions open at Apple right now, as well as the value of remote work as a whole. Plus, we’ll dive into what you can expect when working remotely at Apple.

Fully Remote Apple Jobs: Listings for March 2024

To help you on your journey to finding a job where you can work from home, we’ve looked through Apple careers page to get you started. Below, we’ve listed some of the 26 jobs listed on the website that fall into the “Home Office” filter, which is Apple’s phrase to denote remote work positions. Check out some of your options and read on to learn more about remote work at Apple.

There’s a good chance that you’re looking at that list and asking yourself, why are there locations listed next to remote work positions? Well, while you may be able to work from home, these jobs are based in the cities listed above, so you’ll know where to report if an in-person day arises.

The Value of Remote Work

As an employee, the perks of remote work are pretty obvious right out the gate. For one, you get some serious schedule flexibility, allowing you to tackle errands and attend appointments when you need to, rather than on a strict timeline. Additionally, you can save money by ditching the commute, which is also a good source of positive mental health changes.

It’s not only good for employees, though. While many businesses are instituting return-to-office mandates, studies show than remote work has a lot of benefits for business owners as well.

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For one, businesses offering remote work are more productive, according to the Impact of Technology Report from Tech.co. Even better, remote working organizations are unique in the business world today, as they are having limited trouble when it comes to hiring new talent when in need.

All that to say, don’t buy into the return-to-office hype when buzzwords like “collaboration” and “company culture” get thrown around. The reality is that the option to work remotely is driving successful businesses, and any claim to the contrary isn’t really supported by facts.

Apple Perks and Employee Benefits

If you’ve never worked for a big tech firm like Apple, you’ve likely heard that lore about all the perks and benefits that come with this kind of role. While you obviously won’t get to take advantage of all of it because you’re working from home, Apple still provides some excellent benefits that make it even more worth the effort.

From maternity and paternity leave built into your contract to the gym and wellness reimbursements, Apple definitely treats its employees well. Even better, if you’re a big user of Apple devices, employees get a 25% discount at Apple stores, as well as a $250 yearly credit to buy whatever you’d like.

Employees seem to like working at Apple as well. On Glassdoor, the company has a respectable 4.2/5 rating, with 81% of employees willing to recommend the company as a good place to work.

If Apple isn’t the right fit for you, that’s okay too! We’ve got our guide to remote work jobs at Microsoft too, which actually has a slightly higher Glassdoor rating to assuage your concerns.

Is Remote Work Right for You?

All the perks of working from home and the benefits of working for Apple sound pretty great, right? While you might be feeling excited about this prospect, it’s important to consider whether or not remote work is actually going to be a good fit for you as an employee, particularly if you never did so during the pandemic.

For starters, it can be a bit isolating. If you’re more comfortable in a group setting or think you’d miss the idea of having a “work bestie” to gossip with between meetings, remote work might not be a good fit, as you won’t have that office culture to fall back on.

Additionally, if you’re easily distracted by activities at home, your productivity could definitely take a hit when working from home. The lure of the TV and the call of the video game are strong when working from home, so a bit of discipline is required to actually get work done.

All that to say, remote work can be a huge perk for many workers, but if you’re not set up to succeed in that setting, you might want to check out some other job openings. Luckily, we’ve got a few other guides that can help you find 4-day work week jobs and entry-level AI jobs instead.

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