Get Your Online House in Order With MyWebRoom

Your room is a private place of sanctuary: a secure environment where you can store your personal belongings, or an artistic explosion meant to be seen by the world. A bedroom serves many functions for us on a day-to-day basis, but the one thread of commonality between it all is that everybody keep things in their room.

Now take that image of your room and translate it into the digital world. If the things we carry with us are bookmarks, social media updates, and videos, what might our room be? The truth is that there really is no digital space quite like our physical rooms, and our things fall into random assortments of hard-to-navigate piles.

Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez co-founded MyWebRoom to be your digital room. They want to help people organize their Internet activities in a visual and intuitive way by creating a hub for everything people do on a daily basis.

“My college classmates saw me using my room prototype during our lectures,” says Fedyaev. “They kept asking me to make rooms for them as well, and that is how this all got turned into a startup.”

The main MyWebRoom interface looks like an actual room. Users can choose different themes like exposed brick lofts or Puerto Rican beachfronts, customize furniture and objects in their room, and then organize it.

Multiple sites can be linked in to your room so you can succinctly organize all that you do on a daily basis. The shopping bag on the floor houses all of your favorite shopping sites, the bird lets you tweet without leaving your room, and clicking the bed will help you relax with some great entertainment sites.


“We see visual sites like Pinterest and Instagram taking over the Internet,” says Fedyaev. “MyWebRoom is responding to that trend in the best ways we can.”

Fedyaev and the rest of the MyWebRoom team are beginning to see that the extent of their platform’s capability goes much further than simple organization, too. Brands, celebrities, online shops, and social media sites can all make great use of MyWebRoom’s capabilities.

As they move forward, the team is hoping that they may actually replace smaller web pages with their digital rooms someday. Until then, they will keep rolling out updates in their beta, like the upcoming online marketplace.

The boundaries within MyWebRoom reach only as far as you take yourself. Set up an online store for homemade jewelry, chronicle hours of scholarly research, build an online office space, or make the creepiest shrine to cat photos ever: just let your brain run rampant, and have fun doing it.

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