Giffage Invades Your Smartphone with GIFs

November 13, 2015

8:40 am

With the current overwhelming amount of technology we have nowadays, people are always looking for new ways of expressing themselves as well as communicating with others, in new, fun and also secure ways. I have covered several examples of this, with apps like Spray, Kaboom or QUICKIE.

Now, there is yet another company entering this lot. Giffage, which claims to be the world's best GIF keyboard, GIF maker,and GIF explorer, has recently launched for iOS, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store. While this neat app works as a keyboard, it can really do much more than that.

Not only will Giffage allow users to find GIFs, but gives them the ability to share them in text messages, emails, and other places. In order to find new content, Giffage uses the huge GIF library of Giphy. They can be searched by categories, like “memes”, “reactions”, and “animals”, as well as  by what is currently trending. Additionally, there are options to love your favorite GIFs, which can then be pulled up to the keyboard in order to insert any GIF into messages and social networks.


Being a fully-featured keyboard, Giffage can be used like a regular keyboard, but the fun comes with the “Smart” section where users can simply tap GIFs in order to send them and communicate that way.

It is also possible to create new GIFs by recording short video clips inside the app. These new GIFs can then be customized with filters and text. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus users can even convert Live Photos to GIFs with ease. All the newly created GIFs are added to the user's favorite section inside the app.

Giffage was co-founded by Elliot Tebele, someone who knows his deal of social networks – with more than 6.8 million followers on his Instagram profile. One of the aims of this app is, judging by a statement made by Giffage CEO Jack Shalom, to connect GIFs and messages the same way messages are linked to Emojis these days – GIFs are strong in the Internet world, so it might actually be achievable.

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